Ariel Castro's Kidnap Victims Kept Diaries Detailing Their Horrific Abuse at His Hands

Ariel CastroJust last week, Ariel Castro took a plea deal, admitting his guilt in the kidnapping case that shocked the entire country, in exchange for a life sentence with no death penalty. Now, a sentencing memorandum filed yesterday describes diaries the women kept detailing their abuse at his hands and also said that Castro kept his victims -- Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Georgina "Gina" DeJesus -- chained by their ankles and fed them only one meal a day.

The diaries are enough to make anyone's stomach turn.

According to the memorandum:

The entries speak of forced sexual conduct, of being locked in a dark room, of anticipating the next session of abuse, of the dreams of someday escaping and being reunited with family, of being chained to a wall, of being held like a prisoner of war.

There were more details, too. According to the diaries:

  • Castro appeared to be changing and was threatening to "find their replacements"
  • He kept capturing younger and younger women.
  • Castro made his victims believe that they would die without him and he threatened to end their lives if they did not do exactly as he commanded.
  • He told the women he had had other victims and not all of them were still alive.
  • The dreamed of being back with their families and knew what was going on in the outside world (including the fact that Berry's mother had died).
  • They were deprived of food and light, often for days at a time.
  • All three women were repeatedly raped vaginally, orally and anally.


It is horrifying to hear. No matter how amazing these women seem to be out at Nelly concerts and in life, they are still victims and their recovery is a long, long way away.

But once it happens, if it happens, that is justice. Their good lives will be the only real closure that can come from this. If all three of these women can find happiness and fulfillment in freedom, then Castro truly lost.

Do these details make you sick?


Image via AP/Cuyahoga County Jail



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nonmember avatar FarmersWife

I am so sick of seeing his face. Those poor women can't look at the news or blogs without seeing his face everywhere.

Melinda Otteson Gray

Someone needs to sexually abuse him orally, anally, and through his urethra.  With a sharp metal, rusty, infected object.

grous... grousseau

I was in Ohio when these young women escaped. It was heartbeaking to see how thin they were. The horrors these girls went through is beyond my imagination. The forced sex of all sorts, beatings, starvation. When the girls got pregnant he would beat them until they lost the babies. For TEN YEARS that went on. There were differant times that the neighbors saw CHAINED women in his yard. When reported the police did not even search his house of horrors. These women will never be "normal" again. I wish them the best and pray for them. I hope that castro rots in prison and gets the same treatment he gave the girls, he deserves nothing less. He deserves to rot in Hell for what he has done. His brothers deserve the same too.

Lynne Weaver Gibbons

These three women have a long way to go and when Ariel Castro is NOT part of the daily news then maybe just maybe they can start to heal and find their way in life.   They won't ever forget and they shouldn't want to but they need to find there way in the world that surely has moved on from when they were abducted.  With God's grace and god's will they surely will!!!!


Darlene Sue Crissinger Rye


Lynn Faulkner

these women went thru hell with this bastard, the rapes, the abuse, killing those babies....... why in the hell does he get to sit in prison..... this asso took ten years of these woman lives that they will never get back, this bastard should be hung,

Kathleen Hanson

These women are no longer his victims. They are survivors. God bless them and thier families.

Pixie030 Pixie030

While it looks like Gina is getting back to a normal life.. I worry more now about the other two. I also want him to pay more than what he is gonna get, it's not fair to give him three meals a day and since he is now known all over the world he will most likely be kept in a solitary cell to keep the criminal population from getting their hands on him. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who had read on the "prisoner mentality" where certain people who have been prisoner for so long feel alienated when going back into the "regular" world and often go back to living the way they are used to.. for these women it would be entering into an abusive controlling relationship one day. only allowing themselves one meal a day and never thinking they are worth anything more. I truly hope all three women grow to thrive and know their worth, just the fact that they did escape and have him jailed for life could be giving another teen or woman who is being held in a home prison faith that they could get out one day like them.

Tracy Jones

he does not even look the least bit remorseful  i hope he gets the same treatment in prsion!

nonmember avatar Tehua

He should spent his time in prison in EXACTLY the SAME CONDITIONS he kept this girls: chained, locked without food or light, being punched understand...

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