Husband Whose Wife Hired 'Hitman' to Kill Him Calls Her 'Wonderful' & 'Godly' (??!!)

A mother of two who was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill her husband and who was caught on video plotting every detail has been sentenced to prison. Although Julia Merfeld's only concern while plotting the death of the father of her children was how soon her girlfriend could move in -- her husband, the one she tried to kill, calls her a "godly woman". I wonder what God he is talking about?


Julia told the undercover cop who filmed her murder-for-hire plot that killing her husband, Jake Merfeld, was "easier than divorce" and that she wanted the murder to be done somewhere else so it wouldn't "mess up" her house. But Jake thinks that Julia is not only a "godly" woman, but that she is "wonderful." Jake, I think you have an odd dictionary that no one else is using!

Jake told the judge at Julia's sentencing:

I whole-hardheartedly forgive my wife for all she has done in this act of hatred. I  know that my wife is a wonderful person. She is a godly woman.

Never mind that when Julia, who laughed and smiled through her entire murder plot, admitted she didn't even want her husband dead because she didn't like him. She told the undercover cop:

It's not that we weren't getting along, but it was easier than, as terrible as it sounds, it was easier than divorcing him.

Yep, ready to kill her husband and father of her children because it's convenient for her -- more convenient than divorce! Sounds godly to me. Like maybe if you worship at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Julia's husband begged for leniency with the judge, and it's uncertain how long she will actually spend in prison. She was sentenced to between 5 and 20 years.

Hey, I'm all for forgiveness. But there's a thin line between forgiving and being a total sucker.

I get that these two have kids together, and there is little reason to walk around with hate in your heart. But this guy sounds like he's just trying to sweep it all quickly under the rug and not process what actually happened, all in the name of "forgiveness." I hope he's not telling their kids how "wonderful" mom is or surely they are learning some strange life lessons.

What do you think about what the husband said?


Image via ABC News

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