Woman Fleeing Sex Attack Survives 12 Days in Wilderness on Berries & River Water

wildernessImagine you are on a road trip with a group of people when the car breaks down on a rural road in Alberta, Canada. While some go in search of help, you are left alone with one of the men, who suddenly attacks you, breaks your jaw, and attempts to rape you. Chilling, isn't it? This sounds like a creepy horror movie come to life. Fortunately, the victim got away from her attacker and fled into the brush, where she managed to survive in the wilderness for 12 days until she was found. It's amazing to hear how she came through this alive.


After running into the woods, she got lost and disoriented and was unable to find her way out. So she roamed for nearly two weeks, drinking river water and foraging for berries. She was eventually spotted walking down a dirt road and was treated at the hospital for exposure and the broken jaw.

This woman's survival skills are astounding, aren't they. I can only imagine how cold, hungry, and scared she must have been. Not many people would have known what was even safe to eat out there in the middle of nowhere. Plus, without shelter, she had to contend with temperatures dropping overnight and wild animals. Though the most harrowing part of this ordeal must have been not knowing if that sexual predator was still after her, possibly lurking in between the trees or somewhere in the darkness.

The alleged attacker had told investigators that he had no idea what had happened to her. However, now he is being charged with sexual assault, aggravated assault, and obstructing a peace officer -- thank goodness.

Do you think you could survive in the wilderness that long?


Image via Joseph Kranak/Flickr

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