Armed Teachers Will Greet Students on Their First Day of School This Year

gunPencils, lesson plan books, red pens, and ... guns! Yep, when teachers, administrators, and other employees at Clarksville High School in Arkansas head back to class next month, a full 20 of those school staffers and teachers will be armed with guns. Guns that the school district paid for. 

What are these people thinking?!

Well, apparently they're thinking this is a good way to spend money -- to the tune of a $1,100 stipend per person to buy the handguns and holsters, plus $50,000 for ammunition and "training." They're also thinking this is a good way to keep their students safe. I know plenty of people will applaud this move, but I could not disagree more.

I have so many questions about this, not the least of which is: Where are these guns going to be secured? What location could they be in where it would be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE for students to access them, but where they'd still be handy enough for those teachers to reach in the event of an emergency? Or are they actually going to stand at the front of a class and teach English and math with a holster containing a loaded gun?

And who is going to decide what kind of emergency warrants, say, a history teacher drawing a weapon? Is it only against an "outside threat"? What if a fight breaks out in class and the teacher feels threatened? The chances of an attack like the tragic Sandy Hook massacre are very, very slim compared to all of the issues that arise on a daily basis. Kids become unhinged; they can get aggressive or seem violent ... that's just par for the course. TWENTY concealed weapons in one high school sounds like a recipe for disaster. Guns shouldn't be in the mix. At all.

Yes, yes, I understand that it's not the inanimate object of a gun that can kill; it's the gun in the hands of the wrong person that kills. Duh. But who's deciding who gets to bring these concealed weapons to school? And how are these educators going to be trained? Isn't this the kind of thing that should be left to police officers and actual security guards? Can whatever training that's being provided guarantee that that there is NO way students -- or anyone else for that matter -- can access these weapons? That these teachers will make the right decisions 100 percent of the time? Will this training guarantee that, heaven forbid, no student will be accidentally shot?

I don't believe that all guns should be outlawed, but I do believe in sensible regulation and gun control. And I sure as hell don't think a school is any place for 20 concealed weapons.

Would you feel comfortable if the teachers in your school carried concealed weapons?


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nonmember avatar W. Lion

I think I would be very nervous if this was at my child's school.
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amazz... amazzonia

So now there is going to be a crazy kid that will want to try to kill most students knowing that the teacher have guns, this mentally ill kids will see this as a new challenge . You don't fight mentally Ill people, going down to their level, you fight these people being smarter then them, this will only bring more and more bad news 

nonmember avatar Natalu

I think this is a good idea. The teachers will have to be responsible for securing the weapons, of course. I think we need to take these steps to protect our children. And hopefully by the act of having armed teachers students/gunmen will think before they act.

momofcfk momofcfk

I agree with Natalu!! It isn't like they won't have the guns out of the reach of children and in a safe box. I wish all teachers were able to carry guns!!

middl... middleroad

I'm a gun owner, and I think this is nuts.

BeccaLS BeccaLS

I don't know, I mean, with everything that's been happening it might be a good way to keep the kids and teachers safe.

The only alternative would be to have armed security guards at all times. It's sad, but its a necessary thing.

nonmember avatar Amber

Armed teachers? Maybe not the best idea. Armed security gaurds? Yes please!! I think there should be at least two armed security gaurds at EVERY SCHOOL in the country. Our kids are too precious to take chances with.

counr... counrtymom13

I see why people would not like this at all. I wouldn't mind if my daughter teacher carried a gun but only if the teacher felt comfortable with it. I don't think every one should have a gun. If they pass a mental health test,training and are OK carrying a gun. If it saves one child then its worth it. I have a lot to say about this subject. But thats that in a nut shell

Ripper MrsRipper

Sounds like a good idea. Teachers should be properly trained, they are after all
the only people that stand between our children and want to be terrorist. If
you have no training, or would like free or discounted training for your teens,
there is a list of instructors on the Gun Rights Attorneys.Com site that are
offering free and discounted firearms training in the month of August for teens.
They call it the T.A.T.T.S. program. Teach A Teen To Shoot.

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