Man Accused of Killing Toddler Over a Parking Spot

parking lotA man allegedly killed a toddler recently over a parking space. Yes, you sadly read that correctly. The man, only identified by his surname, Han, reportedly picked the 2-year-old girl up out of her stroller and "forcefully" threw her to the ground after her mother refused to move out of the space because she was checking on her daughter. Another man reportedly emerged out of Han's car and beat the mother up, as well. All because Han wanted a spot close to the bus station.

Don't think you're going to have to worry about parking spaces ever again now, Han.

According to bystanders, the little girl didn't make a noise after Han allegedly picked her up and then dropped her. She just fell to the ground and then lay there silently. "Not even a cry of pain," the bystander said. The mother rushed the girl to a nearby hospital, where she was initially said to be in critical condition, but the poor child reportedly died while being transferred to another facility.

To say this is disgusting would be a gross understatement. This is unreal. I know that anger can completely overtake a person when they're driving -- often resulting in violence -- but killing an innocent toddler over a stupid parking spot is positively one of the most inhumane things I've ever heard. If this proves to be true, there is something very wrong with this man, and he has no business walking around freely on the streets, let alone getting behind the wheel of a car.

Han was detained last week, after police found him in a hot spring bath house. He may be charged with murder, which would make him eligible for the death penalty under Chinese law. The death penalty for a person who violently killed a small child over something as petty as a parking space? Seems like a suitable punishment to me. Though nothing will ever bring this sweet toddler back.

What do you think of this?


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dekumama dekumama

WTF?! I'm sure it's safe to assume the 2 year old was sweet based on the fact that SHE WAS 2 YEARS OLD. How the hell can someone read something like this and have nothing to say except THAT? Some people are are truly disgusting.

Rakhi Shelat

That is totally disgusting and immoral and inhuman..


numba... numba_1_stunna

So this guy is facing the death penalty, (which make no mistake- I fully support that) but the mom who stabbed her infant 90 times because they baby bit her gets no charges at all AND gets the baby back??

banging head into wall

Xenaria Xenaria

myopinion.... YOU need to leave this page. If your here just to be rude and think you are better then others think again. Your hatefulness is not needed or wanted by anyone here. This is a 2 year old child, not a 35 year old with no life trashing people on the internet. So yes she was sweet and a blessing to her mother. Understand in China that they are ALLOWED ONE CHILD!!! ONE ONE ONE ONE in case you missed that ONE CHILD. She will have to pay heavy fines to have another one in that country. Remove head from butt and understand there is more to life.. then your closed minded world!

Tracy Webb

i think this man is very very sick.. and he should be put in prison in the middle of the yard and then annouce why he is in prison and then have the guards walk away and then let the other inmates take care of him cause there is no mercy for a child killer.

Terry Rice Grammer

Did this really happen or is it an article written to grab attention? Where did this happen, what hospital was the child taken to and transferred to, what is the mother and child's name? Why didn't they name the person throwing the child down? Sounds made up to me.

Dawn Maire Longsdorf-Davis

totally unbelievable, so sad and horrible. the death penalty is probably the only suitable punishment for such disgraceful pigs like that. the mother of the child should be able to pick out what death sentance she would seem approprate for her childs death.

nonmember avatar Liz Imes

Any child is sweet. Need to take that sorry piece of crap and throw his ass down on the ground just like he did that little 2 year old. Sorry piece of crap.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Aren't couples in China allowed another child if they lose their one child, (to tragedy or illness), and have proof, such as a death certificate?

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