Rapist Father Gets Verbal Slapdown From Daughter Who Had 4 of His Kids

Twisted 105

In what has got to be one of the most disturbing trials of the year, if not the decade, a one-time famous music video director named Aswad Ayinde has been found guilty of raping his daughter from the time she was 8 years old and fathering four children with her, two of whom have "genetic issues" most likely related to being born through incest. Ayinde, who won an MTV music award for directing the Fugees' "Killing Me Softly," believed he was creating a "master race" of children born of his "pure blood line," and to that end, he fathered six children with three daughters. The unnamed daughter who gave birth to his four children was at the center of this latest trial and she spoke at his sentencing. What she had to say was incredibly powerful.

The daughter, who is now 35, spoke tearfully in court as her father was handed a 50-year sentence (on top of the 40 years he already received for the first trial, in which he was found guilty of molesting a different daughter). She said:

I can’t describe how much you hurt me and my sisters. You should’ve told the truth instead of lying.

She also reportedly went on to say that she forgave him and that she wished he would "repent."

When he refused to make eye contact with her in court, she said:

But obviously, with your head down like that, you do not understand.

Forgiveness is an extremely powerful tool for emotional peace and it's heartening to think that this poor woman has got it in her to forgive her horrible father, who should have been protecting her, not raping her and forcing her to have his children at home. I just hope she is also able to fully feel her rage and anger and isn't suppressing it.

The woman and her sisters decided to come forward to police after they found out that Ayinde had fathered children outside of his marriage to their mother and they had younger sisters. Worried he would do to these other girls what he had already done to them, they reported him.

Their mother has not been charged with a crime. In my opinion, she should be. But she claimed to not know what was going on until the children were adults. How could you NOT know why your children were having home births, one right after the other?! At any rate, the mom was a star witness at the trial and is helping put this monster away, so at least she is doing something now. And we don't know all that went on in that house.

The daughter now attends college and is a straight-A student who has just finished a memoir. She takes care of her children, two of whom have unnamed genetic illnesses, and one who died of spinal muscular atrophy.

This woman -- and her sisters -- have seen more horror in their lives than most people ever will. And yet she sounds miraculously like she is on her way to crawling out of the dark and torturous legacy that her twisted "dad" tried to pass on to his children.

Do you think life in jail is enough for this guy?

Image via IndependentPhillyPA/YouTube

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The mother is full of shit and should be noosed right along side of him

Cynthia Manzella

FCK no he should off himself so tax payers don.t have to feed and give him a place to live I am a survivor of incest and the best day of my life was when he killed him self  why pay for NO JUSTICE


Kimberly Graham

I don't believe for one second the mother did not know.. She should be in prison as well.. 

nonmember avatar goldie

The mother knew and should have been arrested, too. How did she explain her young daughters' pregnancies and the babies' "genetic issues?" Until we start making mothers responsible for allowing fathers to abuse their children, they will continue to not protect their children as they should.

Cathy Gray

Words can't say what needs to be done with both the father and the mother!   It is horrifying to think that the mother actually that she didn't know what was going on.  It doesn't matter  that she's helping after the fact or that her daughter had to say something before she came forward.   She is their mother and she should have protected them but she didn't.  She needs to be in the cell right next to the pathetically horrible person she !!!

Choco... Chocodoxies

I am no great defender of women who allow their children to suffer through sever abuse, but it isn't likely that this woman was untouched by this man's abuse. I would venture a guess that she herself has suffered greatly and had been beaten down emotionally, if not physically. 

Cathy Torrez-Brown


Cathy Wiggins

I agree the mother had to know..Any way they should execute this man, Let The Lord Have him

nonmember avatar Ej

you people should NOT say such hateful things about the girls mother. NO ONE knows what she went through. and you ONLY THINK you know what you might do in such a situation. you don't know what you'd do unless you are in such a situation. it's not easy to get out of certain situations. people living in fear will deny the worst of things that are happening to them or their kids until they get help or finally say 'enough'.

Rosemarie Russo

Life in jail is not enough punishment for this man.....

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