4-Month-Old Baby Left in Hot Car Overnight Dies After Being Discovered the Next Afternoon

4-month-old baby left overnightParents in California have been arrested after they left their 4-month-old baby to die OVERNIGHT in a hot car. It's the kind of story that just surpasses any other baby left in a hot car story I have ever heard. How does someone leave a child this young overnight and not realize it until 1:30 p.m. the next day? 

Parents Israel Soto, 30, and Jessica Quezada, 23, were both arrested, and their three other children -- ages 3, 2, and 1 -- were taken by the county. Look, having four children under 3 has to be unimaginably stressful and hard, especially when a person is only 23 years old. I am sure they were getting very little sleep and probably had children coming at them nearly constantly. But that is no excuse.

In many of these cases like this, I have some empathy for the parents. It isn't that hard to imagine how one might forget a child is in the back of the car when a person is stressed or off their routine or hasn't been sleeping at all. But this one? My God. How do you forget a 4-month-old in the car OVERNIGHT?

A few years ago, there was a very powerful piece in The Washington Post about otherwise very good parents who accidentally forgot their children in the back of cars. Anyone with a heart would have it go out to these parents whose guilt and shame and disbelief were almost unbearable to read about. But this? Is not the same thing.

I've had two 4-month-olds and I am soon to have a third. They are nearly constantly in need, especially at night. They are still (most likely) not sleeping through the night, and even if they are, they would go to bed needing to be fed and wake up early needing the same thing. How do you not notice that is happening? It sounds like there is some suspicion drugs were involved and that might explain some things.

But as parents, don't you wonder where your baby is? In the morning, don't you rush to the crib to see why they didn't wake you up? The baby was discovered at 1:30 p.m. the next day, which means he was out there, dying, for God knows how long. It's sickening. Now the other three kids have been taken from their parents. Let's hope these parents either get the help they so clearly need or allow their children to be adopted by parents who can love and care for them in the right way.

This is just wrong beyond belief.

Do you understand how this could possibly have happened?


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Betty Zam

When I read articles like this I just don't get it....I can't sleep unless I know my kids are ok. I have most definitely forgotten keys but never my child.


I am not understanding how you forget a child overnight. 

sad That sweet baby--RIP little one.

nonmember avatar Brie

This can't have been an accident. Feedings. Diapers. Bath. How do you forget or overlook being down 1 kid? Overnight, you just don't.

It's depressing how common stories like this are becoming. It makes me so sad, and so angry.

Lila Goddard

Disgusting. They shouldn't be allowed to have custody of children ever again. How can you "forget" a 4 month old baby overnight? Didn't the mother go to feed or change the baby? They were stoned out of their minds and/or they just don't care. Let's bring them out to the desert, lock them in a car overnight and "forget" about them. See how they like it.

early... earlybird11

It can not be an accident or mistake. too many things here; HOW DID BOTH PARENTS NOT QUESTION THE CHILD'S WHEREABOUTS. this can NOT be a simple,' i thought you had him/her" I mean - the 4 month old should have been their MAIN priority in the house condsidering that it would need most attention (as mentioned, not sleeping through the nights) I hate to jump to the drug conclusion, but i almost feel thats better then the totally on purpose conclusion. Listen, I do not care HOW old the mom was, but i tend to ask A QUESTION- call me a bitch, but 4 kids under 4 , huh?? possible drug use???? were they on assistance?- I dont need your answer. i venture to say 100% - LEADING TO MY POINT- THESE PEOPLE ARE OBVIOUSLY OVERWHLEMED, BUT NOONE ASKED THEM TO HAVE 4 KIDS UNDER 4 AND TO NOT USE BIRTH CONTROL. LETS STOP MAKING THE PEOPLE ON ASSISTANCE LIFE SO EASY- FREE MEALS, SCHOOLS FOR KIDS ETC - THEN MAYBE THEY WILL NOT HAVE EXTRA MONEY LEFT OVER TO USE ON DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doodledo doodledo

Alcohol and/or drugs were probably involved. I hope the rest of their children are able to be placed in loving homes.Poor kids.

youth... youthfulsoul

I agree. Seems unlikely you would really forget about your child for this amount of time. 

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Everyone keeps saying overnight- but this wasn't JUST overnight... this was ALL night, ALL morning, and then finally sometime after lunch. There is a huge difference- not that overnight is understandable itself- but there is so much more to it. :-(

nonmember avatar H'sMom

Is it possible they thought they had dropped the baby overnight with a relative? That's the only way I can make sense of this. Or drugs.

nonmember avatar MrsClark87

I feel very little sympathy for parents who leave their children in the car. It's ridiculous. I have three young children. I've been sleep deprived, I've had to interrupt my routine, I've gone 3 straight days with almost no sleep because of a colicky baby, and still I always no where my children are. Call me judgmental, but when a child dies because of the stupidity of his or her parents, that is on them 100%. Something like this is completely preventable.

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