70-Year-Old Accused of Dragging Toddler a Quarter Mile Under His Car Before Stopping

hit and runHorrible! According to news reports, a 70-year-old driver dragged a toddler for blocks after she got stuck under his car. How? He's accused of hitting a mom with his Toyota RAV4 as she pushed her little girl in a stroller across a crosswalk. The driver allegedly dragged the baby for a quarter of a mile, being chased by onlookers, before he finally realized what happened and stopped!

I can't even imagine that poor mom's terror when she picked herself up and saw the empty stroller, but when I first read a news report about this, I actually felt kind of sorry for the man too. I mean, it seemed like obviously he shouldn't have been driving, but I thought maybe he didn't know what a bad driver he had become ... But then I found out something that made me crazy!

This guy didn't even have a driver's license! So, OBVIOUSLY he should not have been operating an SUV! To me, this is as irresponsible as driving while drunk: You know it's wrong, you KNOW your reaction time and judgment are impaired, and you know that cars can be instruments of death ... yet you still get behind the wheel.

Thank goodness the mom escaped with minor injuries (physically anyway), but the poor little girl was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Luckily, she's been upgraded to "stable", or this guy would have murder on his soul, in my opinion. And I really hope he's prosecuted to the full extent of the law -- jail time for reckless driving or house arrest for a long, long time really doesn't seem too extreme to me. Especially after seeing the below video, where you can see that little pink car stroller stuck to the front of his car!

How horrifying is that? And if the mom actually struck the hood and the windshield, as this reporter says, then it seems really hard to believe this guy didn't understand he had hit someone. I mean, how out of it can you be? It seems like either he knew he hit someone and kept on going on purpose, or he didn't even know what happened ... both situations mean to me that he's criminally irresponsible.

Have you seen people on the road who clearly should not be driving?


Image via losangeles.cbslocal.com

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jkp-buff jkp-buff

Obviously we shouldn't have an age limit for driving, because people decline at different ages. But maybe after a certain age, we should retest people before they can renew their license to be sure they are competent to drive. Too many stories of elderly people killing others unintentionally because they shouldn't be driving. Near where I live, an 80 year old man got on the interstate the wrong way, drove 20+ miles with police chasing him before hitting and killing a car full of college students head-on. No alcohol in his system, he was just too old to drive.

In this case, the man didn't even have a license. Whose car was it? Who let him drive without a license? If it was his car, shouldn't you have to prove that you have a license to keep your car registrationa and insurance?

abra819 abra819

I'm sorry, but tha 80 year year old, jkp, should have been thrown in prison if he wasn't.

lasombrs lasombrs

I would say perhaps still attempted murder. He left his house thatd ay knowing he was not allowed to drive. He did not stop. Her injuries would have been less serious if he had. I think he should be charged with more then just traffic violations

nonmember avatar Laura R

I'm so tired of hearing stories like this. We should not allow anybody over the age og 65 drive.

Movie... Moviebuff

I agree with Laura people over the age of 65 should not be driving.

mande... manderspanders

@Laura and moviebuff:  I'm sure you'll feel exactly that way when YOU are 65.  :eyeroll:  In fact, you're the kind of people who probably see no value in taking care of the elderly and would rather be rid of them. 

Has anyone entertained the possibility that perhaps this man has some form of dementia or Altzheimer's?  A person can suffer from it and still understand what to do with car keys if they get their hands on them.  I can't believe that anyone could hit a person and otherwise really not understand what happened.

kelti... kelticmom

"No one over 65 should be allowed to drive" Are you fucking kissing me?! My parents are 72 and 71 and are in excellent health both physically and mentally. They also helped me out tons with transporting my son whole my husband was deployed. If you took away their ability to drive and be independent, you would be dooming them yo depression and eventual hastened death. And who would get all these 65 plussers to the store, the doctor, church, etc? 65 is NOT elderly anymore. Not when people generally live to be in their eighties or nineties. So you would make them totally dependent on others for 25 to 35 years? Regardless of their state of health???! I can get behind extra testing to keep their license, but not this asinine idea.

kelti... kelticmom

*kidding not kissing. Lol

numba... numba_1_stunna

He should live the rest of his life in prison, or if he DOES have some form of dementia, a locked mental ward. What a tradgedy. And I personally think we need a LOT more rules for ALL drivers. And cars should just NOT be made to go over 70 miles per hour unless they are specially made race cars. Do you know WHY cars are made able to go so fast? So cities can get more money for speeding tickets. It's been proven many accidents and deaths would be prevented if they made all cars unable to go faster then 70 mph. And I think we need to add these rules for driving:

1) you need to take a driving test and a written test every time you renew your license, if you fail, your license is revoked until you can pass.

2) If you lose your license for any reason, suspension, expired, you fail your test, it's taken away permanently, whatever, the county you live in seizes any automobiles in your name UNLESS another family member can show a valid license and insurance, and puts the car in their name.

3) If you get a DUI more then one time, you permanently lose your car(s) and license

4) If you do something like what THIS ^ asshat did, you lose your car(s) and license permanently and get prosecuted to the fullest extent.

5) If you are over 60, or you have certain potentially dangerous health conditions, you must take a driving, eye, and written test every YEAR to maintain your license.

nonsa... nonsanctimommy9

Not be able to drive after 65? Wow!  Clearly you two are under the age of 20 and complete f***ing morons.   65 is not old. For Christ's sakes, , people at 65 really can't even retire yet.  That is just a dumb thing to say. And if you have a problem with me telling you that well you can private message me and I'll give you a good lesson.


numba-you are seriously deluded and need to come off of the drugs. A written driving test every time? I don't know how the DMV is where you live but I see no reason to wait longer than three hours I already have to wait.   If you lose your license for any reason you cannot have it back?  You must be one of those people who have never made a mistake before in your life.  I believe you would be classified as the most boring person in the world and I truly hope you find one friend who can stand your presence.  And, like I stated previously, 60 is not old.  It is not even close to being old. I think your lack of education and complete ignorance should make you eligible to take a written test just to live life every year.



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