Pot Farmers Arrested for Keeping Teen Rape Victim in a Metal Toolbox (VIDEO)

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A lot of people think of marijuana as a victimless crime, but in the case of one 15-year-old girl who was allegedly kept in a toolbox and forced to work on a pot farm, it definitely wasn't. Two Northern California men were arrested for running an illegal pot farm with over 1,000 plants, and also for allegedly keeping the teen girl as their sex slave/pot farm worker. The most horrific part is that they reportedly kept her in a small metal toolbox.

Ryan Balletto, 30, and Patrick Pearmain, 24, not only allegedly kept the unnamed girl in a 4 feet by 2 feet toolbox for days on end and forced her to "cut buds," but they used her as a sex slave. Bondage devices were found near the box, which had holes drilled into it so the girl could breathe. Police also found a noose and a rack that would be used to hold someone against their will.

That is a small box. Unless she was super tiny, she wouldn't have even been able to stand up straight or sit down.

And reportedly the men actually had the nerve to call her a "trooper" for not screaming when she was put in the box -- as if she might not have been frightened into catatonia and muteness!

If all of this weren't bad enough, police think there were other female victims. Police are still working to verify that.

The girl was found when she somehow discovered that cops were looking for her and was able to contact them from her cellphone, which they then traced to the farm.

The men also had a massive arsenal of military-grade weapons, the largest in the area's history. Hey, but at least some people got their pot, right? Pot lovers might want to think about where their pot comes from. Chances are it's not from some old lady's tomato garden.


Editor's Note: According to the news video from KPIX, the victim had a cell phone.

Image via KPIX

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nonmember avatar don

How are you going to blame marijuana? These people are criminals. You have a million people out there that would do anything to work on a pot farm and these people kidnap torture and rape people. How can you blame marijuana? Its people like the author of this story that are responsible. Give pot a bad name and blame pot for the worlds problems.Scare people into keeping it illegal. If it was legal marijuana would be in the hands of responsible business owners like myself and not in the hands of rapists and murderers.

Elaine Cox

she still had a cellphone?...wtf....either these guys are stupid as hell or something else is happening here

Kimberly Graham

I agree Elaine..There's more to this story then meets the eye. I am quite sure they would not have allowed her to have her cell phone,and if she had one all this time and was able to call the police,why would she wait until she knew they were looking for her.How would she NOT know right from the start the cops were looking for her.Why would she not call the cops or her family ASAP. and they make it sound like becuase they grow pot that that is the reason for what they put her through.. 

bunny... bunnyxlover

she had a cellphone and didnt call for help sooner???

nonmember avatar Brie

There was nothing about a cell phone in the original story, so why are you talking about a phone? Also, way to try and pin this on pot, not the actions of the sick criminals who kidnapped her and used her as a sex slave. Excellent reporting as usual.

nonmember avatar Phoenix

I think this author has missed the whole point that the "legalize it" brigade has. Of course your pot doesn't come from a little old lady's tomato garden now, since it's illegal. So there aren't exactly standards for how it's grown. One of the things about legalizing it is that it could be made as safe and regulated to grow as any other crop, and wouldn't be attractive to just crazy hippies or criminals :P

I could make a much better argument for why you should feel bad about the diamond on your wedding ring because of blood diamonds. At least that's more related.

Shannon Elysabeth Mundorff

This author is a moron. Pot has nothing to do with stupid rapists. They were going to be depraved criminals whether or not they had a pot farm. And I bet they get more jail time for the pot then the kidnapping and rape.

eye rolling

Irela... Ireland69

a drug is a drug!  legal or not!   So let's say they legalize it... it would be much much easier for teens to get a hold of it.  These kids can be your kids, little sister, little brother, family period.... Why can't people just have fun without get high or drunk gees!   if it's for rx that's different!

1Step 1Step

She DID NOT have a cell phone.  No where, in any article anywhere, does it remotely ever say she had one.  Where in the heck did this author get her info???  Not from an actual news source, that's for sure. The LAPD were alerted that she may be at the site - and they checked it out and found her.  Also, it's the weapons that are a big issue - not the pot.  Pot doesn't kill people, guns kill people ( :  Another winner Kiri... 

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