Suspected Murderer Tyler Holder Scared Neighbors Before Alanna Gallagher’s Death

Alanna GallagherNow that we have a name for the chief suspect in the murder of 6-year-old girl Alanna Gallagher, the police in Saginaw, Texas are opening up about the investigation. Turns out Tyler Holder, the teen suspected of killing his neighbor, was in their sights this whole time!

The news may come as a shock to the folks who circled around the Gallagher family, ripping apart their lives, even outing the unique nature of Alanna's three parents and their polyamorous relationship.


Carl and Laura Gallagher and Alanna's biological father, Miles McDaniel, have lived under a cloud of suspicion since their daughter was found in the street, wrapped in a tarp, not far from their home. Police said they weren't suspects, but they were vague about who their suspects were, and rumors went wild. 

The cops aren't to blame for that -- they had an investigation to do, and releasing too much information could jeopardize the gathering of information necessary to obtain an arrest warrant for Tyler Holder.

It seems there was plenty indicating Tyler was the killer. He allegedly identified the body of the girl before police had even released that it was Alanna, and he was seen pacing up and down the sidewalk after her body was found, acting strangely. Then there were reports from neighbors and friends that he was a troublemaker who would talk about rape and murder. He apparently freaked out everyone who knew him.

Definitely a guy to look at, right?

But that's not enough to prove anything in court. They need to get solid evidence.

Cops say they were able to not only match DNA from Tyler to DNA found on Alanna, but also match dog hairs found on the tarp to the Holder dog. That kind of thing takes time.

Meanwhile, they say they were able to take apart Tyler's alibi, proving he didn't leave home that day to search for a job, and basically put together the pieces that enabled them to pinpoint Alanna's older neighbor as their guy.

This is how policework goes down. It isn't an hour-long Law & Order episode. There are no instantaneous lab results, no tricks to get the suspect to fess up that will magically hold up in court.

The Saginaw cops had to build a case that will stick if they wanted to get justice for little Alanna. That meant taking their time. It meant not sharing information. It meant letting the rumors fly.

For the Gallaghers and McDaniel, that was no doubt painful, but then, nothing is going to be easy for this family, not now and not for a long time. The least that can be done is for their little girl's killer (or killers) to be sent away for a good, long time.

Did you suspect the parents were somehow involved in this killing?


Image via police

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