6-Year-Old Alanna Gallagher's Suspected Murderer Caught But Accomplice May Still Be Out There

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Alanna GallagherThe mystery surrounding the death of 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher is slowly starting to unravel in the Texas town of Saginaw. Police have officially named the Gallagher family's 17-year-old neighbor, Tyler Holder, as their chief suspect in the gruesome killing after a shoot-out that wounded one cop and sent the teenager to the hospital with a (non-lethal) gunshot wound to the head. Cops even say they're closing in on a suspected accomplice in the child's murder.

It all sounds like good news, right?

Technically, it is. It gives the Gallagher family answers. It explains what happened to their little girl.

But, let's be real.

There's no good news here. Not really.

A child is still dead.

What's more, this neighborhood now has to face that a kid -- Holder is just 17 after all, even if he is charged as an adult -- in their midst was likely a psychopath. Holder is accused of sexually assaulting and suffocating his young neighbor. Little Alanna was then left in the street, wrapped in a tarp, like a piece of garbage.

Witnesses say the teen has exhibited a ton of strange behavior recently. He allegedly identified the little girl's body before police were even able to, and he reportedly showed up at her funeral wearing a "wanted" t-shirt.

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His DNA was allegedly found on Alanna, which cops are using to make a pretty clear link between the dead child and the suspect psychopath.

Heck, we may be talking about TWO teenage psychopaths. The alleged accomplice the police are talking about is as yet unidentified -- leaving the neighborhood to wonder who it might be. Holder is currently a "no information witness" because he's in the hospital, but reports on the alleged killer's condition indicate the gunshot missed his brain, and he's expected to recover. Then he should be able to answer questions.

His answers surely won't be pretty.

When you live in a small community, you don't expect bad things to happen ... at least not for the bad things to come from within. You don't tend to look at the local kids as would-be murderers. They're like your own kids in many ways. They're part of the fabric of the community, and you don't give them a second glance. So when they're around, you let your little kids play outside, just as Alanna was doing the last time she was seen.

For the murderer -- or perhaps the murderers -- to be a kid from the neighborhood is like another violation, another cold, hard slap to the face. 

Do you look at kids in your neighborhood as "your own" or do you steer clear?


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hexxuss hexxuss

If this was in my old neighborhood, I'd have been devastated.  The other kids usually called me Mom, and yes, I thought/think of them as my own.

Shannon Elysabeth Mundorff

Seeing how 13 and 16 year olds are now murdering their younger SIBLINGS, no, I DON'T trust other peoples kids. Prayers to the family.

Brandy Smithson

im from a small town as well and i agree with Hexxuss, most of the neighborhood kids where at my house calling my mom Mom and we always did alot of things together (road hopping and all), and i plan to be the same kind of mom! anyway we just had a murder in our town (milan,IN) and it tore us all apart. were a everyone knows everyone, and though we each had our own suspicions as to who it was, they didnt live in our town, and the real killers didnt either, if they had i dont think wed have been able to recover. i am so sorry for this families loss, i hope this boy and his accomplise get tried as adults and spend life behind bars, its a terrible loss of both sides (the girl is dead, and someones son is a murderer) but i know if it was my kid, id want him/her to really pay for their crime, no matter how sad it would be for me, id have to make my child pay for taking someones life like this

Shannon Tara

That poor baby had to suffer horrible things she didn't understand before being killed...Anyone who can rape a child deserves to spend their remaining years being raped in prison and that's a LIGHT sentence. Bastards. That poor family and that poor baby. God is holding her in heaven. This actually made me cry. :(

Jackie Courtney Leoncavallo

I've only lived in my house for about a year and a half but I already know I can't stand one of the kids next door. He's an annoying, creepy, whiny little shit and I RARELY let my kids play with him and his brother. The older one is fine, he seems normal, but the younger one is just NO. If my daughter wants to date this kid when they get to that age I'm going to flip out, seriously.

nonmember avatar MissV

First off the "kid" is 17 and I would not consider him a kid at all. In fact in TX 17 yr olds are adults which is why they were able to release his name in the first place.
Second I don't trust anyone I don't personally know around any of my kids. This is not the same world our parents or even we grew up in. You can't take for granted that your child is going to be safe in the front yard. Sad, but true. So no I would not trust any of my neighbors as far as I can throw them.

Chevis Darby

It's funny how this article refers to this alleged murderer as "a kid" and shooting victim Trayvon Martin as a man. Weird huh?

schlis schlis

That poor sweet baby. I just can't understand a world where things like this happen. How can people do this?

Shanele Reid

The more and more I hear about teenagers and the more and more I see the teens out there today, the more it makes me want to steer clear of them. They're terrible! I thought I was bad as a teen. Phew, these teens now a days are wayyy worse!

missy... missybest

Regarding neighbors.  I am cordial to neighbors and their kids.  However, I would never, ever have a very young child left to their own devices to play with anyone and everyone in the neighborhood.  Sorry, but I would have to say, why was a 6 year old little child playing outside without an adult around very close by to watch him or her?  At that age, my children were not allowed to play around the neighborhood.  They could play with a friend their own age in the backyard with me in the house able to see them from the kitchen window.  If they were out and about for any reason, I would be with them.  6 years old is not old enough to play in the neighborhood without supervision.  Need I say why?

My condolences to the family.  This kind of thing should never happen to anyone.  But, the only way we keep our kids safe is to be sure we are age appropriate with how much room we give them regarding independence.  6 is way too young!

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