6-Year-Old Alanna Gallagher’s Murder Case Takes Astonishing Turn -- Police & Teen Suspect Shot!

The mystery of who killed little Alanna Gallagher is breaking wide open this minute. Police reportedly tried to serve an arrest warrant to a teen suspect in the neighborhood of Saginaw, Texas, where 6-year-old Alanna was found brutally murdered, wrapped naked in a tarp sheet, and left in the middle of a suburban street. The press soon focused on Alanna's family -- although police said that they were never suspects -- because of its unusual dynamics. Alanna's parents, Laura and Miles, are in a polyamorous relationship with another man, who lived in the house and was a "second father" to Alanna. But reportedly DNA evidence just analyzed found on Alanna matched that of a 17-year-old neighbor, Tyler Holder.

Today, police reportedly tried to arrest him, but he came to the door with a gun and opened fire. News reports say the officer was shot in the leg and is conscious. Police returned fire and shot Holder -- an early report said he was shot in the head and his condition is unknown at this time.

Police, ambulances, and fire trucks are currently on the staggering scene. This could be the answer the family needs for some kind of closure -- though certainly the question "Why?" can never be answered.

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The family had lately been subjected to at least one random attack -- the car in their front yard was set on fire and determined to be arson. It's unclear whether the family was being attacked because of the Alanna case, but it stands to reason that someone either thought the family was guilty -- or didn't like their polyamorous lifestyle. Or both. Or perhaps Tyler Holder is involved in that as well.

It remains to be seen what Tyler Holder will say about everything -- or even if he's alive. It would be terrible to believe that a teen neighbor, someone who probably knew the family and Alanna, could have done this.

Hopefully the family will find some small amount of closure soon. And Alanna's murderer will be brought to justice.

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Image via Saginaw Police Dept.

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Katsu... Katsura514

A bunch of neighborhood teens found the body... I wonder if the accused was one of them.

Irela... Ireland69

That's right?

Irela... Ireland69

did they ever show the boys that found her????

Nelli... NellieAthome

So i am wondering of all the posters who condemned the parents as obviously being guilty are now thoroughly ashamed of themselves?

I am wondering how many of those posters have the maturity to admit in public they were wrong.

Samantha Elaine Collins

I still want to know what the connection is between the items found in the parent's car and the items the body was found in...

Patrick McKinnion

Samantha - Simple.   There WAS no connection.      They found connections with evidence found at the suspect's house and his DNA.      Not in the parents car.

At this point, there's a lot of people that owe the Gallagher / McDaniel family a huge apology for their lies and slander - and worse.

Pixie030 Pixie030

It is always shocking to me when it comes out that most likely a teenage boy, a child committed this murder.. I still haven't read anywhere where this DNA was collected from the little girl, I am hoping she didn't suffer much before her death but the only reason i could see this boy shooting at police is if he is indeed guilty of the crime. I never suspected the parents and have commented on the case before saying something to the effect that I wouldn't place judgment on parents who are grieving the death of their child without having been shown any hard facts leading people to believe they were in fact guilty of the murder. SMH This is just a horribly sad story all around and I hope those poor parents including the one man who lived with her as like a step parent to receive closure and let that baby girl Rest In Peace.

nonmember avatar Dawn

Pixie030, the affidavit was released and provides a full timelime of events and states that Tyler Holder voluntarily gave a DNA sample on July 5. Saturday, results came back matching DNA found with Alanna's body. The report is very detailed and graphic, and states that Alanna was sexually assaulted, then suffocated. I would post the link, but I don't know how appropriate it is. It can be easily found if you search hard enough. But it is strange that the report states that his car never left his house on July 1st, when Alanna was murdered and found. How did her body end up nearly a mile away? I had my suspicions about the parents, and I will fess up and admit that. I still don't understand why they would not check up on their 6-year-old for so long. The report states that Laura Gallagher told police that the last time she had seen Alanna was around 2 pm, but didn't wave down the officer and report her missing until around 9:20 pm. That's incredibly odd to me. I think it's clear that we have found the killer, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

nonmember avatar presage

Seriously??!!? If a man has two wives evEryone is up in arms!! He's this and that...but if some female is bumpin it with two guys its polyAmOrOUS???!!! It's depraved and perverted!!! CPS should have taken her OUT of that home a long time ago...they can't even control their genitalia enough to keep the 'other man' out of the house!!! I'm sure Allana had the mOst normal hOme life with these three pervs hittin the sac together!! And you think a 17 yr old doesn't have some twisted thoughts speculating what this girl might be good for??!! Seventeen yr old males are at their sexual peak- just recently able to control erections!! Stop pretending that all the deviant sexual behaviors of parents is non-consequential...anyone remember the Westerfield case??! If your a drug addict, or a sexual deviant, you're a bigger target!!! Doesn't make sense??!! Then you're just ignoring truth to excuse your own sicknesses....where were they when she disappeared??!! In bed?? Or was it 4:20??!! Bet the killer, I'm sorry- the 'child' that did this knows!! If someone is a prostitute or a drug dealer, you can understand something bad happening to THEM but their KIDS??!!! Wake the F*»k UP!!!

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