George Zimmerman Helps Rescue Family From Car Crash -- Why Are People Shocked?

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Reportedly, George Zimmerman has helped rescue a family from a car crash. And the shocker is that people are shocked! Apparently a Ford Explorer ran off the road and overturned with a family of four inside. Bum-dah-dah-dumm!! George to the rescue!! George, who has been lying low since his acquittal in the Trayvon Martin case, was nearby -- at a location not far from the Martin shooting -- and came to help with a friend. "Zimmerman was not a witness to the crash and left after making contact with the deputy," said a police statement. The weird thing is that people are shocked, SHOCKED that he would stop to help! Helllo??? What do you think ol' Georgie was doing on the night Trayvon was killed? Playing hero. Badly. Murderingly. But playing.

This time, thankfully, George's "help" did not end up with anyone dead and the family is reportedly doing fine.

But those who despise George are pointing out that the family was white, as if he'd only stop to help white people. Those who worship George are inflating his contribution with headlines like, "George Zimmerman Saves Family From Burning Car!" Uhhh, no.

What George did that night when Trayvon Martin tragically was killed has nothing to do with what happened when George came across a car accident. I never saw George as a monster, as many others have. I saw him as a paranoid guy with an inflated ego who thought he should single-handedly make his neighborhood safe -- even if that meant confronting a young man who wasn't breaking into a house, wasn't spray painting a wall, and wasn't stealing anyone's tires. A young man who was walking! George confronted him because he was young, black, wore a hoodie, and appeared to not belong to the neighborhood. Duh.

Then things escalated.

But I don't think he set out to kill him. So why would anyone be shocked that he helped people out of a car?

We could argue whether he would have helped four black young men out of a rolled-over car -- but that would be silly.

What do you think about what George did?


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the4m... the4mutts

I cant get past your ridiculous wording. You sound like a complete moron.

bills... billsfan1104

You still don't get t. Trayvon was not just WALKING. If he was, Zimmerman would of been found guilty of murder. Trayvon again ATTACKED Zimmerman, but that doesn't fit into your little narrative "black while walking".

Elaine Cox

wasnt the stir just lecturing us on calling people names..its almost like they are hypocrites or be....of course zimmerman has helped out blacks in the past..he helped out a homeless black man who was beaten by the police..fundraisers and protests...kiri really should do her "job" a lot better

bills... billsfan1104

And it is still very apparent that you never ever watched the trial, or you watched the edited clif notes of MSNBC and the race pimps

nonmember avatar Sally

Not that wild about the article, but to every single person that has commented so far, you people are the problem here and you need to stop. Unless you happened to be in Sanford that night while in possession of psychic powers you do not know what happened. You know what you have been told and observed after the fact. Please do not pretend to have insight into a case that has nothing to do with you. It's disrespectful of the dead and of those who are suffering (Zimmerman and the Martin family both) from the media circus that has been created.

nonmember avatar Kelli

Eye roll is right! At you and this stupid article.

fave82 fave82

Those who worship George are inflating his contribution with headlines like, "George Zimmerman Saves Family From Burning Car!"

1. No one worships him. Just cause they agree with the verdict does not equal worship. Dont be stupid.

2. Is there ACTUALLY a headline that says that?? Maybe you should cite it cause Im assuming you are exaggerating for the sake of making those with a different opinion look ridiculous. And really it just makes you look like an ahole.

Lilanne Cuevas

I love George Zimmerman and I really don't care what anybody says about it and yea, y'all do have a wright to your oppinion and if it's stupid I don't care what your opinion is just saying
And if it make me racist I am okay with that too cuz only GOD can judge me ;)

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

I just googled it, and 9 of the first 13 headlines that popped up did indeed say George Zimmerman Saves Family from Burning Car! (One may have said rescued, not saves, but still). Fox News was one, and there were several local news stations as well. I'm too lazy and horrible with the iPad to provide links. I'm not getting Involved with this discussion because I don't want to be jumped on, but the author is certainly not exaggerating, and isn't an a-hole for writing that.

RoseL... RoseLiMom

i agree, 100%

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