Purse Snatcher Who Robbed Mom Stole Something Sacred & Irreplaceable

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purseHaving your purse snatched is a terrible experience for any woman. But that terror was compounded with unimaginable grief for one mom who was robbed while carrying the ashes of her newborn child. Monica Thomas was walking down the street when she was approached by a young man who knocked her down and grabbed her bag. But that's not even the worst part of the story.

The ashes were in a small box and had the baby's name and birthdate written on it. Monica had made plans to bury the remains of her son, who had only lived a couple hours after his birth, the next morning at her mother's grave site. The next day also happened to be Monica's 20th birthday. Absolutely heartbreaking.

I hope this robber got the shock of his life when he opened that purse. The crime he committed was despicable enough, but the contents add a whole new layer of menace to the crime. It's especially shameful, as far as I am concerned. With any luck, it will make him swear off a life of crime. At the very least, he should be haunted and racked with guilt over what he did.

The woman was not hurt physically, but this must be a crushing situation for her. Without her son's remains, she may never have the closure she needs. I doubt this man had any idea what the purse contained. He was likely looking for money or a phone he could sell. Still, it's horrifying. Police hope the robber's conscience will get the better of him and he'll be moved to return the ashes to the crematorium (the name of which was written on the box). Let's just hope he does.

Do you think the purse snatcher will return the ashes?


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2nino... 2ninos4me

is not like he knew there were there so plz dont assume he knew.

im sure he will stay from stealing for a while if not forever .

Juliet Zinke

Oh dear God, let this criminal have any sort of heart, and send them to the mother. It's nothing to really ask in this case.

nonmember avatar Randi

@2ninos, do you speak English?

Hollo... HollowLuna

It depends on the robbers past actually... If he spares a thought for what she must be feeling then he could do one of two things.. return the ashes or bury them himself.  But we may also have to face the possibility that he will just throw them away.. If he freaks out when he figures out what he stole and drops them everywhere or something like that.  It could happen.  I only hope It is in the cards for everything to work out in the end.  My heart truly goes out to this woman


Mary Ann Johnston

I hope so.  Stealing money and stealing a baby's ashes (while both illegal) are quite different from one another.  I pray he finds it in his heart to return them.  If I were the mother, I wouldn't care about my purse, only the ashes.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

While I hope that they are returned, history seems to prove that she won't see them again. There have been several cases where people have been robbed and had childrens ashes stolen. I don't think I've heard of a single case where they have been returned to the devastated family :(

CGplus3 CGplus3

I really hope so

Michelle Rebecca Langston-Miller

I think he will take out what he needs and throw the rest in the trash, as sad as it is, but some people just dont care. who cares about others, doesnt knock down a woman to steal her purse.... just saying.

Debbie Christian

no he doesn't care!!! if he cared he would have a job not out robbing people!!!

Terri Hutchinson

So sad, hopefully he'll at least have the conscience to mail them to the crematorium or the police, that would save himself from being arrested when returning them and still give this mother some peace. I couldn't imagine what she must be feeling right now and HollowLuna, I hope he doesn't bury them himself, while I understand what you're saying, not knowing where her child is buried or that he even is, would still be heartbreaking, she intended to lay her son to rest with her mother which I completely understand as my 7 week old godson's ashes were buried with his grandmother in a beautiful funeral ceremony that should never have had to happen, however, point being, this mother needs this. I hope the cops put out there that he will not be charged if he just returns them, I'm sure if she got back her son's ashes, she would refuse to press charges as thanks, so maybe it would help get them back. He made a bad decision but is probably in a tough spot, needing money and I'm sure he feels badly about his life, at least this could help him see the error of his ways and get back on the right track, especially if they give him a chance to make things right without getting into trouble, because we all know that if they are going to prosecute him, there's no way he will return them when he's gotten away with it already...

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