9-Year-Old Boy Kidnapped From Park Saved by Suspect's Sudden Change of Heart

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David Richard KyleCops in one Florida town have arrested a man they say had been patrolling a park, luring children into his car, and driving off with them. But in an odd twist on the standard abduction story, police say David Richard Kyle, the man who kidnapped a 9-year-old boy from the park, drove him to his house, only to turn around and drive the kid back, releasing him.

Who would have thought a kidnapper's conscience could save a little boy?

As a matter of fact, it may have saved countless kids.

The one 9-year-old was allegedly picked up at the park and driven to Kyle's home, but when Kyle went in, the child said he stayed in the car. Then he was taken back, unharmed.

Kyle was arrested during a traffic stop after folks reported a man at the park picking up kids. Police went to his house, where they said they found a chilling bag packed with duct tape, rope, and scissors.

Sounds like the tools of a kidnapper doesn't it? Like a guy who was going to do much worse than drive a kid to his house, then drive him back?

That's what police thought too. They looked into Kyle's background and found out he'd been arrested for kidnapping and luring charges in the '70s and '80s, and when they interviewed him, he allegedly admitted he's been having urges to kidnap kids of late. He's suspected of taking at least three young victims recently, all boys between 9 and 12 years old.

Something made the alleged kidnapper turn around, save the little boy, but the chances that it would happen again are slim to none. So often we see criminals build up. It starts with something small, say luring a kid to your car and taking him for a ride, then goes from there.

It's like a little child learning to walk. Each time they get away with it, they're emboldened to take it a step further. The next time, it's another step and then another step and so on.

Who knows how many kids would have been hurt if it hadn't stopped here and now.

But it did stop. Kyle is in jail on $7.5 million bail, and he's facing multiple felonies.

What do you think of his change of heart?


Image via Lake County Sheriff's Office

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BlueC... BlueCollarMom

Bail exists because of the most fundamental idea of our criminal justice system: Defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  It's just how the criminal justice system is set up.  The fact that his is 7.5 million means basically he will sit in jail until his trial.

Grant... GrantsWife25

im thinking they better check for missing children in that area it doesnt seem like his first offense... matter of fact it basically states hes already been charged with it once!

Dawn Zammuto

WOW!  Thank GOD he had a change of heart and didn't harm the little guys. I'm glad they are safe and home with their families.  As far as the perp....I hope they keep society safe from him, at all costs!

Pixie030 Pixie030

This man is obviously mentally ill.. and the only positive thing about him i see... is it looks like he has been fighting his inner demons for a while. Who knows how many times the demons inside him actually won.. He is one who needs to stay locked up.. and he needs a lot of psychiratric help.

Robert Myers

scary! that is why  my kids are always in eye sight in public and earshot at home!

ladyb... ladybumblebee

You know what I think?  I think there is NO comparison when it comes to this very sick individual and my babies learning to walk and meeting milestones.  I'm ill that you see similarities with a sweet lil diaper head exploring and taking their first steps which are beautiful moments in a parent and child's life............. YOU THINK THAT IS LIKE A PERVERT PERPING KIDS??? WTF  maybe you need some help too????

KobeB... KobeBryant24

@ladybumblebee B**** STFU the analogy may have not been the best mostly because children don't continue walking because they felt like they've gotten away with something but to get that worked up over something so small is retarded and let's see you make a big deal over my use of retarded. 

Hilary Catherine Rhone

@kobeByant24 She may not make a big dead of your use of the R word but I sure as hell will. Until you know how it feels to have a mental handicap DON"T CALL PEOPLE OR THINGS "retarded"!! As for the story I do not see how you can say he "saved the child's life" when he was the one who kidnapped in the first place. I do not see how having an "inner demon" can be compared to having a mental illness. He knew what he was doing. Yeah, Letting the kid go was the right thing to do but giving him praise for it it is wrong when he shouldn't have down it in the first place! I have no sympathy for someone who made the choice to do something so horrible just because they had a change of heart. The only person I feel sorry for are that 9 year old and his family who have to live with the fact that that little boy was taken and he could have not been brought back. Criminals don't deserve praise just because they "did the right thing" Open your eyes people!! And we wonder why this world is such a messed up place!

Georgianna Reynolds

it is a blessing his change of hearts...and people should pray for his trials and that he can overcome them...i wish more could try to control their temptations

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