Missing Toddler's Body Found in Trunk of Car Cops Had Walked Around But Never Opened

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Isaiah Theis The search for missing Wisconsin toddler Isaiah Theis is over. The 2-year-old's body was found a day after he disappeared while playing with his big brother in the family's yard. Sadly, he didn't get far.

Cops say they found Isaiah late Wednesday night in the trunk of a car. The car belonged to a customer of Isaiah's dad, who fixes them on the family property in western Wisconsin.

The fact that a 2-year-old died is heartbreaking.

The fact that he was under the noses of the searchers this whole time? That makes me want to ball up my fists and slam them on the table in frustration.

Police say they were told the car was locked, but they did peer inside. They even looked all around it. But they didn't look inside the trunk, at least not until more than 24 hours had passed. They'd technically called off their search when one police officer went for the trunk.

So far the police haven't said what it was that finally DID send them to the trunk of the car, nor have they released a cause of death -- little Isaiah's body is being autopsied.

In the meantime, it's hard not to wonder if Isaiah would still be here if someone had thought to look in that trunk earlier. If he was alive when he went in there, it's hard not to wonder what it was like for this little guy, knowing he was still home, thinking his big brother would come get him or Mommy and Daddy would save him.

Sadly, we may never know. The rescuers did they best they could in a horrible situation. And I'm almost positive they all went home and hugged their own children a little tighter.


Image via police

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paigeR11 paigeR11

My heart aches for this family.  I pray that they will find peace as they struggle with their loss.  

nonmember avatar Kristi

After hearing so many stories like this regarding old freezers, fridges, storage totes etc. You would really think it would be protocol to check these places 1st. So sad. I do wonder how he got in there and closed the trunk. Was it for sure an accident or do they suspect foul play?

britt... brittneyleigh88

My gut tells me his brother shut the trunk and was afraid to say what happened. So tragic. Poor baby.

2baby... 2babymomma

depending on the age of the car he could

have gotten into the trunk through the back seat. its so sad rip little one

nonmember avatar Guest

I probably wouldn't have thought to look in the trunk either...how would a two year old have gotten in there in the first place?

Pixie030 Pixie030

my car has a part of the backseat that is easy to pull down to climb in to the trunk. I had only figured that out one late night when a friend had gone to "sit" in my car while others were inside a bar still.. after yelling for him to wake up and let us back in.. yelled, banged on the window, even had others bring us an air horn to use and still he didn't wake up. But I had noticed after all that, apparently in his state when he had hit the unlock button he had also hit the trunk release button. I was the only girl and smallest one so I got elected to try to squeeze thru the tiny hole in the  middle section of the backseat that folded down. Plus many cars have that trunk release button as well he could have pushed, and not all trunk lids take pressure to make them fall back closed. I have had one bonk me on the head because of wind being so strong that day.

Senia... Seniahmom

How do you not look in every place conceivable and inconceivable??? Those searchers won't make that mistake again

kahle... kahlerose

Unbelievably tragic..I feel for the family.

MamaN... MamaNickelatti

I read in our local paper(I live in WI) that the autopsy had confirmed he died from the heat. He was well taken care of, and showed no signs of abuse or broken bones.


charl... charlize216

Two-year-old Isaiah Theis disappeared Tuesday night. About 10:15 p.m. Wednesday, after a day of blistering heat, a Polk County sheriff's deputy found his body in the trunk of the locked vehicle when the owner came to retrieve it.  Chief Deputy Steve Moe said deputies did not have access to the keys, but he wasn't certain whether the keys were on the property.

They were playing outside at 10pm at night? 

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