Woman's Crazy Revenge on Cheating Husband Only Makes Her Look Bad

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Cheaters. Ugh. They're just so vile. So selfish. So deserving of a massive Twitter rant. But you shouldn't do it. Much as you want to. Airing your dirty laundry in a massively public way may feel good in the moment, but months or years down the road, all that vitriol will still be there for your friends, family, children, and yourself to see -- and yet you've (hopefully) moved on. The problem with the Internet is that it doesn't move on. One very angry wife is going to learn this lesson someday. I don't blame the woman, who goes by the name "VeeVee" and who is married to a Silicon Valley hotshot named Scott Jones, for being spitting mad. When VeeVee, who is apparently pregnant, found out the father of her four other kids was supposedly having an affair with a coworker -- well, you know what they say about hell hath no fury!

VeeVee went on a tear on Twitter. And on her blog. She scalded her husband in language that will stand the hair on your neck on end. According to VeeVee's many, many tweets (her account has since been disabled), she was pregnant with the couple's fifth child when she discovered the affair. The other woman is also married.

VeeVee posted pics of the other woman -- and even the other woman's husband -- and went ape. Some examples:

- Ruff ruff. Wonder if your husband knows? That you blow your boss? And then kiss him afterwards? You're trifling good for nothing.

- Goddamnit she's so ugly it makes me feel ugly lol

- While I'm pregnant with his 5th baby, named after him, to save our marriage. He screws that ugly dog :-/ I'm so hurt & this is venting

- I think he has a sexual addiction. He's like a dog.

- What do you call a man marry a ghetto chic from Philly without a prenup & cheats on her? FUCKED That's what you should call him.

I feel for VeeVee. She's railing and with good cause.

But she gives no absolute proof that it's happening. We don't know his side of the story.

And why would you want your kids to see all of this stuff online?

It's really, really difficult not to want to share it with the world when someone has hurt you. As someone who wrote a memoir about a breakup, believe me, I know. But I also didn't reveal my ex's name or face. I even showed the book to him before it was published and told him he could make changes. There's a long history of heartbreak in art, be it poems, books, movies, or songs, so I'm not suggesting that it not be the basis for a cathartic outpouring. (Taylor Swift wouldn't be in business otherwise.)

But the Internet is not art.

Raw emotions unfiltered and uncensored and thrown up on Twitter or your personal blog can never be totally erased -- even if you erase them. Unfortunately stuff like this makes the cheated-on party look worse than the cheater. In fact, according to one of VeeVee's tweets, her husband and his supposed mistress were filing harassment charges against her. See? Now she's the one in trouble! Ugh.

It would be nice if we had laws against cheating, wouldn't it? Then the cheater could do a little time in jail and you'd get some satisfaction without having to take your pain to the masses. Yet adultery isn't illegal (at least in most states) and no-fault divorce means cheaters don't ever get punished in court either. But if it's true that VeeVee doesn't have a pre-nup, hopefully she can take him to the cleaners.

Sigh. How to punish them? How to hurt them back? You can't really. It sucks. At the end of the day, you have to trust karma will get them. Or you can write a song. Maybe it becomes a big hit, you make a lot of money, and then you buy the building your ex lives in and toss him on the street.

Is there an acceptable way to get back at a cheat?


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nonmember avatar mel

The problem with this country is we are so about punishment and " getting even". We don't take the time to look at the full picture because its extremely painful and we havent been taught as a society how to deal with painful. Sometimes impossible to deal if you have a deep lack of understanding and compassion.

I understand initally doing what she did. I've been in a similar situation. My boyfriend had looked at craigslist ads for preg. Chicks and gay men. I looked through his email. He didn't actually get to go back and forth about anything but just that he did it. I didn't know that person. He had been sexually abused badly by his uncle and aunt, held hostage in a closet, beat and raped by both. That was his way of trying to deal with the trauma without getting help. I believe cheaters have deep emotional issues . If you get mad and never try to understand anything but your own pain... you'll never communicate or come to peace with the situation.

nonmember avatar mel

I went thro a lot of therapy and healing with him and we still talk about it to this point. It is upsetting because he was so in his own pain world he didn't think of me. But he didn't know how to , and it took this situation to bring us closer or bring us apart. But as time went on I understood why he did it and it was deep and difficult for him. So you can get mad and get so involved in that... that you never face the real underlying issues. If your trying to punish someone you'll never get them to open up to why they did this in the first place. You have to want to heal and understand . Its a lot better and I'm hoping it keeps getting that way.

Irela... Ireland69

Does he know your talking about his personal trauma, cause it isn't any different what this woman is doing only your not doing it in the same way  by name calling.

nonmember avatar mel

Oh he knows. He knows and everyone we know knows. Hecame clean to everyone. He doesnt hide from it .he learned from it. He shares his story willingly with others to help them through their own issues. Otherwise I wouldn't post that in hopes of helping others.

nonmember avatar Steve

Splitting hairs here, but Scott Jones lives and works in Indianapolis, not "Silicon Valley." I know, it's splitting hairs, but indy rarely gets the tech credit it deserves....

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

As someone whose been cheated on, I took the high road and said nothing vindictive about my ex and his new lady even though I'm sure he's talked about me.  My theory is karma's a bitch if you you act like one so they'll both get what's coming to them.

Susane Bittner

As for venting - you have something against Taylor Swift - why did you bring her into this???  You jealous or something?  That was uncalled for. 

Tamicka Light

Well, most likely she feels like she is being heard when she posts things like that about him, I know that, in my (other unrelated)experiences, when I ranted on the internet I felt like my words were being heard by someone and just maybe people would help her instead of judging her. But everyone has their story, some should ofs & some shouldn'ts. Maybe one day she will regret it but it felt better at the time.

nonmember avatar Artemis

It would also appear to me that publicly announcing one's intent to use the absence of a prenuptial agreement as a basis for screwing over the other person would rather undermine a case in court, where one should be expected to demonstrate need rather than spite...

nonmember avatar bigjohn

Its only natural human behavior to get angry aobut your partner cheatin on you. However, what does one gain by being vengefull. Often times by the time you find out the affair has been going on for an extended period of time. People cheat because they are selfish and want to have their cake and eat it too! Most of them are cowards and don't have the guts, moral code, or courage to tell the other person that they want out or they are not getting their needs met in their current relatonship. Either way it hurts but can be beneficial because now the door is open for you to find someone that is more suited to you and perhaps better for you. I haved learned over he years to forgive a cheater but never take them back. If you do you give the permission to use you as their door matt and it will happen again and again. You teach them the way you want to be treated and give them a license to walk all over you and then laugh in your face,while they have been laughing behind your back the entire time.

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