Missing 21-Month-Old's Best Hope for Being Found Is a Woman With Dementia

Daphne WebbWith most missing child stories, police are desperate to find witnesses. But in the case of a 21-month-old girl missing in Oakland, California, finding a witness isn't the problem. Baby Daphne Webb's grandmother was right there when she went missing a week ago.

The only problem? Daphne's grandmother can't tell the police what happened to her granddaughter because she has dementia.

This is what life is like for people slowly watching the ones they love disappear into a cloud. They look like the person they have loved for years, but they don't act like it. And there's very little that the average person can do to change it.

It's frustrating.

Frustrating for people who are watching it happen.

Frustrating for the police working the Daphne Webb missing persons case.

The toddler's father, John Webb, claims that he left his daughter in the car with his mom on July 10 so he could run into a convenience store to make a purchase. He was initially arrested on child endangerment charges for leaving a child with a caregiver who has dementia, but prosecutors dropped the charges.

But here's where things get really strange. Not only is Daphne's 87-year-old grandmother unable to explain where her granddaughter went, she's the only one who can confirm John's story. The child's mother was in rehab at the time of the incident, and the rest of the little girl's family says they haven't seen her since June. 

No one but this 87-year-old woman with dementia can say if the child went missing on July 10 or way before that, if someone took her from the car or something else horrible happened.

It looks like the cops are back to square one -- find witnesses ... other than the witness they have.

Our hearts go out to this little girl's family. We hope she's found soon and that she is OK.


Image via Oakland Police

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Graca... Gracalynsmom

That sweet little girl is dead and has been since last month, her father knows where she is, because he killed her.

miche... micheledo

Awww. So sad. Maybe grandma will have some moments of clarity. Hopefully police will continue.to 'visit' with her and investigate anything she says. Somethings might be the truth and help them out.


Why would the police take the grandmothers word if she really can't say one way or the other if the girl was even  there or what happened  given the circumstances.


I hope I am proven wrong, but I am totally suspicious of the father.

Homes... Homeschoolmom99

I call BS! I see a man who his mom has this and he knows good and well he can get away with it by saying this! Did anyone see them near said store?

Linda Dole

sounds almost like the incident here in NY,fathere scooted off for a moment,mother in rehab....HMMMMMMMMMMmm

Kathy Wyatt

Something fishy here.

angel... angelachristine

I think the father killed her and then made up the grandma story knowing she would be so confused because of get dementia. I really hope I'm wrong though.

angel... angelachristine

Because of her dementia. Sorry my phone is being stupid.

Cassidy Johnson

Strange that the convenience store didn't have surveillance cameras - I thought they were commonplace these days.

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