Mom Accused of Shoplifting Told Cops to 'Shoot Through Baby' to Get to Her

Ashley WrightFlorida mom Ashley Wright was arrested this week for shoplifting and child abuse. How do those two go together, you might ask? Well! Cops in Florida say the 23-year-old mom threw her baby at a deputy as she made her getaway after being busted for stealing clothes from a Dillard's.

What kind of person uses a baby as a human shield? That's pretty much what happened here from the sounds of it.

The arresting deputy claims Wright even said, "You will have to shoot through the baby to get me.”

This was about a 3-month-old, folks! A 14-pound helpless infant who was thrown, while still in the carrier, through the air. All for $261 worth of clothes?

That says a lot about the value put on a human life here, about this mom's priorities.

Granted, if you're shoplifting clothes with your baby in tow, you probably weren't up for mother of the year to begin with. But shoplifting is pretty minor on the crime scale. It makes you a criminal but not necessarily an evil soul.

Telling someone they can shoot your baby? That's twisted.

That's not mother material. That's not even pet owner material.

That's owner of a pet rock material.

Wright is charged with petty theft, child abuse, and resisting an officer. Here's hoping that will keep her away from her poor baby for a good long time.

What do you think of the charges here? Is it enough for what this mom is accused of doing?


Image via Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

crime, child abuse


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nonmember avatar kaerae

Sad thing is, after a few months, some "parenting classes," and other nonsense, she'll get the baby back. Then she'll probably lose it again, get it back again, and on and on, until, by the time parental rights are finally terminated, the kid is too old and has too many behavioral/emotional issues to ever be adoptable. And 'round and 'round we go!

Ashle... AshleyB1984

Agree. SO sad for that child.

Barbara Oliver Nabours

quit having babies women if your going to be mean to it. Give it to someone who can love it and give it a home full of love..or keep your legs together.

Teresa Miller

you know women there are ways to keep from having children that you don't want. I agree that after parenting classes and such she may get this precious child back and hopefully the child will be alive to be messed up, too often these so called parents get the kids back and then the abuse is the end of the child. How sad this story is I think they should put this woman away for a long time and maybe it will save a child's life.

Marsha Hubbard Keith

It Florida they will let her off heck they let a murderer off did they not- seem Florida more for the criminal than the victim

Crystal Stone

she `s the one that needs shot sick people nowdays....

Patty Osenbaugh

I know she shouldn't have custody of her child all rights should be taken away!

Julie Strong Alexander

I hope she never gets her child back she does not deserve to be a parent.

Cathi Wray

make her get her tubes tied so she will never have another baby and yes she should be jailed for some time for both incedents

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