Nanny Says Mom Beat Her Up When She Tried to Stop Her From Driving Drunk With Child (VIDEO)

A mom of two is accused of beating up her nanny. She allegedly attacked her, grabbed her neck, pulled her hair, threw her to the ground, and tried to punch her. Sheesh, what could cause a mother to go off on her nanny like that? Did the nanny give the kid a juice box or something? Nope. Reportedly, the nanny was merely trying to stop the mom from driving with her 14-month-old in the car -- because she was drunk.

Reportedly, the 20-year-old nanny thought the 44-year-old mom from Long Island, New York, Laura Bowery-Falco, was inebriated and shouldn't be driving. But after the fracas, Bowery-Falco allegedly got in her car anyway and drove away with the kid in tow. Shortly afterwards, the mom was pulled over by cops and arrested on DUI charges. She is also charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of the child.

Her lawyer denies everything.

The mom is a wealthy woman who owns an equestrian stable in the Hamptons, a playground for New York's elite. No doubt she doesn't like being told what to do.

It's not totally clear what happened here, though if she was arrested on DUI charges, I assume there was some good evidence she was driving when she shouldn't be -- but the truth is that nannies put up with a lot. Nannies got a bad rap thanks to the horrific case of Yoselyn Ortega, who allegedly killed her two young charges, but the vast majority of the time, nannies are good people who are in a difficult position. They're in charge of the kids and not in charge at the same time.

I know from my time being a teen au pair that it can be an awkward situation in the extreme, depending on how the mom is. In one of my au pair jobs, I watched the mom make horrible decisions about her kids -- including physically disciplining them in ways I felt were inappropriate -- and yet I couldn't say anything about it. It didn't help that I was in a foreign country. I finally left the house for good one day when she slapped her daughter and I listened to the little girl cry hysterically.

The mom here, if the nanny's version is correct, should have been grateful that the nanny cared enough about her child to step in and try to stop the mom from making a bad decision about her kid. But that's not usually the way it works.

I really feel for this nanny. Hopefully she can find a better family -- or get out of the nanny business, which can be a thankless one.

Have you ever had a nanny or been one?



Image via New York 4/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Glynda-Lee

My daughter was a nanny for Laura Falco two years ago. She was harassed many times and when she finally decided to quit, a gave them a month's notice, they screamed and yelled at her, made her pack immediately, while be harassed, and literally threw her onto the street with her suitcase and no phone at 8pm. My daughter was shocked. She had to walk a mile to a pub. A man loaned her his phone so she could get in touch with a friend in NYC who she could stay with. The man was out with his wife. They had two young daughters and overheard the phone conversation and invited my daughter to spend the night. They didn't want her going into the City without a phone so late at night. The nanny before my daughter left under mysterious circumstances too. This has been going on for a long time. Laura Falco is married to a pig. She's mostly a nice woman but her husband is an ex junkie, a horrible man, and she's codependent. Her sister won't have anything to do with her because of the husband.


Thanks Glenda-Lee. Hope your daughter is thriving now!

Choco... Chocodoxies

This sounds like it could have come straight out of the book "The Nanny Diaries". Great book... crappy movie.  I don't doubt this did happen. And now that I have read Glynda-Lee's post, I am really sure of it. 

Natessa Callahan

The nanny tried to stop her.  

"Nannies got a bad rap"? Ha! What about all the news about parents doing/letting horrible things to their children? 

roman... romanceparty4u

There's doing what your employer "says" and then--there's ethics. I would never let a child jump into a car with someone who is under the influence of more than one drink--which is obviously not the case here, or she wouldn't have been charged with DUI.

Sometimes, your "ethics" will cost you a job.

That's ok though, prospecitve employers will a fact, she'll probably be hired for her ethics alone!

adopt... adoption2013

Why the heck hasn't she been charged with assault?  

Dzyre... Dzyre1115

The father in this house was involved in some drug smuggling scam years ago in addition to what the PP said and the article.  I would not want my young daughter anywhere near these two.

Marlene Schuster

she is a good mother? (well, I suppose it was a lawyer who said this anyway) A good Mother would never drive drunk with her child in the car!

Brenda Lee Barker

no, but I am a nurse to special children with skilled nursing needs. I love caring for the children but more then half the job is dealing with the family, Whats cool is that we can DNR (Do Nit Return)
Our self from the case :-) Its basically a glorified babysitting job. I <3 it

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