6-Year-Old's Kidnapper Let Her Take Toothbrush & Comforter But Killed Her Anyway

Ahlittia NorthThere is devastating news to report in the search for missing 6-year-old Ahlittia North. The body of the Louisiana girl who went missing from her bedroom over the weekend along with her toothbrush, toothpaste, and comforter has been found. According to police, she was dumped in a trash bin not far from her parents' apartment.

It's not what anyone hoped would come of this case, and frankly, there WAS reason to have hope that little Ahlittia would make it home.


Granted, no abduction is a good abduction. But the kidnapper who took Ahlittia from mom Lisa North and stepfather Albert Hill's home sometime after they put her to bed on Friday night cared enough to take her creature comforts. Despite the evil of stealing a child from her parents, the perpetrator showed an unexpected amount of compassion for the little girl.

He (or she) wanted her to be comfortable. That, right there, points to the idea that Ahlittia would be well cared for.

At least ... we hoped.

The discovery of the little girl's body is devastating, and now police say they're looking for her step-cousin, a 20-year-old sex offender named Matthew Flugence, as a person of interest in the case. Flugence is Hill's nephew and he's wanted for the alleged sexual battery of an 11-year-old earlier this spring.

He is ONLY a person of interest right now; cops just say they want to talk to him -- not arrest him. But his relation to the family would explain how he gained access to the home and managed to get the little girl out while her parents slept, maybe even why he thought to bring her personal items out during the abduction.

It would answer a lot of questions. And yet, if Flugence is the perpetrator, it will only make this case harder to bear for this family.

Our hearts go out to them.

What do you make of the kidnapper taking the girl's stuff? Do you think he originally planned to bring her home? 


Image via Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

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