Ayla Reynolds' Dad's Arrest Puts Attention Back on Toddler's Disappearance

Justin DiPietroThere's finally news about the family of Ayla Reynolds, the toddler who went missing in Maine in December 2011. But it's not good news. The little girl's father, Justin DiPietro, has been arrested on domestic assault charges.

DiPietro, for those who haven't followed the case, was the last person to see Ayla alive. The little girl was staying at her father's home in Waterville, Maine, the night she disappeared, and he's lived under a cloud of suspicion ever since, fueled in no small part by statements that he wasn't very cooperative with police during the investigation.

DiPietro's latest trouble seems to be unrelated to the disappearance of his child. A police officer arrested the 26-year-old after reportedly seeing him grab and push a woman on the street. Although the woman, reportedly an ex-girlfriend, was not injured, DiPietro was placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence assault.

He's now out on bail, but the media spotlight is back on him, and with it comes questions about his daughter's disappearance. 

Could Justin DiPietro have been involved? Does he know what happened to Ayla?

It's not the first time people have made these allegations. His ex-girlfriend (and Ayla's mother) Trista Reynolds has made allegations that DiPietro wasn't being completely honest about what happened in the last few days of Ayla's life before her disappearance. And police have questioned DiPietro's claim that Ayla had a cast on her arm because he accidentally fell with her while carrying groceries. Not to mention blood was found in DiPietro's home.

None of that was good for the father of the missing girl, and neither is his current circumstance.

Although it may be a leap to tie this arrest to Ayla's disappearance -- they appear unrelated on the outside -- there are some certain commonalities that can't be ignored. An assault charge points to a predilection for violence and a hot temper.

Blood? A missing child? They point to violence and the possibility that someone with enough anger to hurt a child did something to Ayla.

Of course, it could just be a coincidence. He could just be a concerned dad who has had a rough go of it over the last few years who is now wrapped up in something entirely different.

Perhaps the real question now is whether this arrest will stir up enough renewed interest in the case to help police get to the bottom of Ayla's disappearance. 

What have you thought of Justin DiPietro's actions since his daughter went missing?


Image via Cumberland County Jail

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Doris Hackney

either he did it or knows where she is, sicko

Crystal Pinto

If he can hit a woman he can hurt a kid

Nelli... NellieAthome

I daresay any person that has children has a home in which blood can be found by forensic methods....

Crystal - pushing someone is not hitting and police are way too quick to slap domestic violence on what is minor interaction between two adults. And as the child of a man who regularly beat his second wife I can say definitively that hitting another adult does not automatically translate into hitting children since he never hit me, my step-sister or my half sister.

Doris - I assume you have some inside knowledge that you can deem this man guilty without any evidence? Care to share......

indig... indig0rose

Judge not least ye be judged. I'm not even christian and I still follow that one. None of us were there. No One here has any new information for Ayla. And yes if you were to comb through my home with a forensic kit I'm sure it'd glow neon with all the times my 10 y/o has come in with bloddied noses or scrapped knees. Or my sisters children with the same. Children bleed, a very unfortunate truth. They fall. They hurt themselves, scrape knees, pick noses a bit too deep, and they make messes! It doesn't mean i'm guilty of murder. If any one of them were to come up missing, i'm sure i would look guilty as hell. This man has lived under the collective noses of us all. Scrutinizing his ever decision his every move. He has some stress. And under stress people do things they normally wouldn't do. We don't know him in life, you can not judge him.

nonmember avatar Grace

I think his actions have been deplorable. He hasn't publicly spoken out for Ayla in over 15 months.

Mistie Dixion

he guilty and he did something to Ayla. I have believed this and will always believe he did something. Cause if he could push an ex girlfriend and NO REAL MAN SHOULD EVER HIT A FEMALE I DC WHO U R OR WHAT UR SORRY ECUSE IS FOR DOING IT. I have always believed that if a man can hit a female and not give a shit then who says they wont hit a child? or none the less killed them. its not the first time that he has a hit a female and the question now that Im seeing is it the girlfriend that he was with that night when Ayla went missing or another one? cause if its the one he used 2 b with when Ayla went missing I wouldn't b surprised considering she was there and that he was using that as motive not for her to open her mouth. Trista I hope that Ayla does get found and my prayers with u and ur family. and I hope that police look further into this case and as I sai I believed since the beginning that Justin u haven't been honest with the police since ur Daughter went missing and I believe both ur sister and ur then girlfriend dk if r still together but my feeling is u aren't they all know something and too scared of u to say anything.

Jackie Matison

seems very suspicious

Scott Rita Tierney

i think he is guilty of knowing something or doing something of ayla . but not man enough to come clean , slime ball .,,, and being that of an abusive relationship in the past it took a few years  but after beating me for yrs he then turned on my children .. thats when it was enough for me ..  yeah i think he knows or did something .. now  know if the good Lord will he will not be able to hide it forever . 

nonmember avatar Cynthia

I dont believe that any parent in their right mind would ever stop looking for a missing child. He doesn't seem to be too worried about his daughters disappearance. Or what the cops are doing to find her.... It's sad to know that we could go a decade or more and never find this little girl. God help us all if these are the kinds of parents our generation is turning into. Every year more and more innocent lives are affected by irresponsible, incapable and unworthy "adults" who become "parents" and instead of society being able to protect them we sit idly by as they disappear into the mist while their "parents" get away with neglect. This is just depressing! Justice is demanded by the souls of those lost...

nonmember avatar bitt

for one do any of yall know what this man does 24/7 are yall there with him? are uall on the police force? no we know nothing of what thia man does or says also yall are very quick to.judge someone before knowing all the facts also if your husbend used to beat u and then years later beat your children your that dumb one for staying after he hit u so blame your self for the abuse your ex husbend put ur kids through . some people dont know how to stop judging for pne min to think maybe he has tryed and told the police everything he knows but since police have not found her nor any other leads that they are putting to much time in tp the dad and trying to blame him cause they dont want to do there job. yea there are police officers out there like that i know first hand my neice came up missing was missing for 60 days she was found down a hall road dead on the side of the road 2 miles for her home and the police station was 66 foot away from her body a old olman and his grandson found her . cause it was 110dagrees they didnt want.to look for her so dont judge people before u know all that facts cause opinons are like assholes everyone has one and most of them stink

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