Texas Passes Strict Anti-Abortion Bill That Could Make Abortion an Impossibility for Many Women

Texas has finally managed to pass one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the nation. It will ban abortion entirely after 20 weeks. There are no exceptions for rape and incest. Abortion doctors will have to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and require them to take place in surgical centers, which most abortion clinics, especially those serving rural areas, will be financially unable to do, forcing them to close. It will restrict access to the abortion pill. Teen mothers will also need parental consent to get birth control or abortion information.

Sen. Wendy Davis managed to filibuster the bill away last month, but not this time.

The bill is expected to have the most impact on low income women, who are most likely not to have health insurance. Experts fear those women will turn to dangerous abortions performed in Mexico or abortion-inducing pills sold at flea markets.

Before the bill had passed, the legislature confiscated tampons and pads from women entering the chamber, thinking they might be used as projectile objects. Gotta love Texas. Guns are fine but not tampons!

Meanwhile, Republicans are pushing for major cuts in food stamps. So all of these children who will be born thanks to the lack of abortions clinics won't be able to eat either. Human rights begin at conception and end at birth, indeed.

After the bill was passed, Governor Rick Perry said: "This legislation builds on the strong and unwavering commitment we have made to defend life and protect women's health."

But of course we know this has nothing to do with women's health. You don't close down free clinics that offer mammograms and STD screening if you care about women's health, and you don't severely restrict access to legal and already safe abortions if you care about women's health. And, for the record, you don't cut off food stamp programs if you care about children.

Democrats have vowed to fight the bill but they have a long and difficult road ahead of them. Meanwhile, I sincerely hope that Texas women stop letting men use their bodies for their pleasure since men want so badly to control all aspects of them. I also expect to see Republican politicians stepping up to adopt all of the unwanted babies that will be had in the state. I expect to see free daycare. I expect to see more health insurance options for pregnant women. I expect to see more family planning options to prevent pregnancy.

I won't see any of it.

Where do you stand on the bill?


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nonmember avatar Renee Edwards

Abortion after 20 weeks SHOULD be illegal. if you havent decided in 5 months whether or not you want a baby, then you have bigger problems than no available abortion after that time. I mean, what kind of moron needs that long to decide anyway? I am not against a woman's right to choose, but I am against killing a baby that has a chance of living outside the womb. The way medical science is coming along, more and more premies are surviving. 6 month babies could live without the womb. Later thanthat is just so wrong, on so many levels

lovem... lovemy2sons25

Abortion at 20 weeks or more is absolutely disgusting!!

hello... hellokd87

Pregnancy begins when a women stops caring about herself. There is no excuse for abortion unless it endanger the mother's help & the girl has been raped. Other than that you can't act ignorant knowing damn well if you don't use a condom you CAN get pregnant. It's irresponsible women wanting the easy way out.

Alexa... AlexaAdams

Abortion past 20 weeks should be illegal! I'm a Texas woman and for the most part, I stand by the bill. I don't agree that teen mothers still need parental consent for birth control, I feel abortion and birth control are completely different subjects.

Simon... SimonzKedge

Just an fyi, not all birth control is 100%.

Pro-life, my butt, more like pro-fetus. Did you also know that one of the wome who drafted this up, also wanted to ban prental care under state insurance a few years because "they're not even born yet". So no assistance after forcing women to have these unwanted babies, but they're also against any type of birth control. Yet men can hve all the flipping viagra they want/need because it's there god given right to have sex whenever they want, right?

The fact that they were confiscating tampons and maxi-pads but were allowing conceiled weapons carriers to bring their guns also speaks volumes(btw, I'm not anti-gun either).

Shannon Elysabeth Mundorff

I agree with the ban on abortion past 20 weeks, EXCEPT in cases where complications arise in the pregnancy and the woman is going to die if the pregnancy is continued or the BABY (It is NOT a fetus and I refuse to refer to it as one) or the BABY is found to have a disease that will end up killing them or forcing them to live a horrific life. And I think that teenagers SHOULD have to have parental consent. Parents are supposed to be in charge of their children. And clinics taking away a parents right to parent their children is just wrong. Teens shouldn't be having sex anyway, and quite honestly, maybe if they have to get parental consent for birth control and abortions more parents will find out their kids are having sex and whip their asses. The rest of the bill is completely over the top and ridiculous. And men need to stop making decisions about women. Period.

turna... turnandburn04

Thank God!!!! When science has proven that beyond 20 weeks the child can indeed feel pain and still so many of you sadistic feminists think it is perfectly fine to rip them apart limb by limb, stab them in the heart with a chemical that gives them a heart attack, sever their spinal cords with scissors as they are taking their first breath

nonmember avatar Michelle

Abortion after 20 weeks are mostly used by people that need it and do not want it. At the 20 week anatomy scan is when any issues with the fetus is more likely to be found and test run to determine the extent of the problems. Abortion needs to be available for those parents to make tough decisions regarding their child without rules and regulations placed on them. This law, primarily, is not just about the 20 week ban though. It's about our clinics, parents choices to do what's best for their families and not letting religion of some diract others lives.

bills... billsfan1104

What about Obamacare???  Everyone has insurance now. 

  Second, they are regulating the clinics to make it a safe for the women to come in and have the abortion, or you will have abortion mills like Dr Gosnell.  What is wrong with abortion clinics being a safe and clean place??  They are making millions from donations, abortion services and federal funds.  How is it that they cannot keep a clean, safe sterile environment?

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