Soldier's Homecoming Surprise for Girlfriend Would’ve Been More Fun Without Cops

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These days, homecoming soldiers make kind of a sport of surprising their loved ones in unexpected places. The dad who surprised his kids at a birthday party. The guy who surprised his grandma at Christmas. The dad who showed up on a baseball field. The other dad who showed up at a baseball field. But Army soldier Cody Weigle got especially creative. He thought he'd give his girlfriend a little scare before the hugs and the tears started. And he enlisted a police officer to help him out. Did he go too far?

After Cody's girlfriend, Alix Swinford, told her boyfriend via Skype that she'd never once been pulled over for a traffic violation, Cody's brain began a whirlin' with the possibilities.

Weeks of planning went into his decision to surprise Alix in a way she'd never forget. He enlisted the aid of a police officer in Mattoon, Illinois to drive him to where he knew that Alix and her sister, Sydni, would be driving. He knew where they'd be because Syndi was in on the surprise.

Once Alix and Sydni drove by the cruiser, which had Cody inside, the officer flashed his lights and pulled them over for a supposed seat belt violation. Presumably, Sydni opted not to wear her seatbelt that day to assist in the plot. Hey, not safe, y'all!

The officer asked Alix to step out of the car to discuss her sister's violation. He then stepped away and let someone come into view whom she wasn't expecting ... her boyfriend, Cody!

Stunned Alix hit her boyfriend over his head for scaring her so badly. Haha. No, she didn't. She hugged him, 'kay?

Hey, this is cute and military must be so excited to be home that they want to amp up the excitement even more. But I dunno about enlisting a cop to pull a fake arrest manuever. Though police do get bored sometimes. I remember a couple of cops agreeing to drive me to my house and they came to tell my sleeping roommate that they had arrested me outside, as I was breaking in. My startled roomie tried to explain that I lived there, but they claimed they were hauling me off to jail. Just when she got really upset, we all began laughing. Oh, those cops. Silly wabbits.

Anyway, back to Alix and Cody. The two lovebirds were reunited there in the streets of Mattoon, and hopefully no cops pulled them over for real later that night!

Do you think this surprise was cute or went too far?


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Elaine Cox

cute but they have better things to do

dkee dkee

From your story, she wasn't arrested - he wanted to discuss the situation. Suddenly you say it was a fake arrest maneuver. And no, it did not go too far. Sheesh. Some folks just really need to lighten up. And get their story straight. Literally.

Sandy Segur

I think it awesome. I am so happy to hear the police are helping the soliders homecoming. Alot better than what history has done in the past.

Diane Pizz

who cares it's great as long as every 1 is safe

nonmember avatar Wow

Too far?? Really? You people really need to lighten up if you think it went too far. Personally though, being retired military, some of the best homecomings are the ones when you're on the flight line and you get to watch your other half get off the plane find his way to you through the crowd.

Jennifer Stewart

Personally awesome cops want to help our soldiers out, but they have more important things they should be attending to.  It was cute and creative way for a homecoming, but so is dressing up like the pizza delivery man and delivering a pizza to girlfriend and sister. Just saying.


For those saying cops have better things to do, you do realize many will offer their assistance OFF DUTY?  Seriously people, unless he had a call what is the big deal?  Get over it & no this was not going to far.  Going to far would be cuffing her, and driving her to the station.  This was funny & cute :)

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