New Lead in 6-Year-Old Alanna Gallagher's Murder Case Is Good for Her Parents

red pickup truckThere isn't a lot of good news for the parents of Alanna Gallagher right now. Their 6-year-old daughter was murdered and left covered in a tarp in the middle of the street and now their polyamorous relationship is splashed all over the news, drawing judgment and criticism on top of the grief. But new news about a red pickup truck police have been looking for since Alanna's body was found represents a break in the case that is as close to good news as it can get for Carl and Laura Gallagher and Alanna's biological father, Miles McDaniel.

Police announced they were looking for a truck, red with a splotch of green paint, right around the time that Alanna was identified to the media. So far there's been no indication that it's turned up, at least not after her murder.

But a father from Fort Worth, Texas, about 14 miles from the Gallaghers' home in Saginaw, has come forward to say he saw a truck that fits that description. Andy Acuna claims the truck's driver approached his two young daughters about a month before Alanna's body was found and tried to lure them to him. Fortunately dad was watching, and he scared the truck driver off (although not before getting a plate number).

Good news for the Acuna girls.

But could this be good news for the Gallaghers and McDaniel?

A real lead? Solid evidence that someone out there has been approaching little girls?

It's depressing to think like this, but the truth is any evidence that points away from the family and onto someone else is good for them.

Police haven't said they are suspects, but they've also declined to rule out anyone in this case. Which means these three parents (technically Laura and Carl are married but McDaniel is Alanna's biological father and all three are in a relationship with one another) are living under a cloud of suspicion. If they didn't kill their daughter (and by no means am I accusing them), how much worse must that make grieving their child's death?

What do you make of this break in the case?


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Patrick McKinnion

I am hoping they find the.....thing....that did this to the Gallagher / McDaniel family.   I won't make up for their loss, but at least it will give them some closure - and stop them before they harm anyone else.

The family has been in my thoughts and prayers from day one of this.     

Elaine Cox

of course mister acuna might be a pub hound...hope they find whoever did this and hang em high

nonmember avatar J

This may be a horrid question, but was the little girl abused by her attacker? I don't remember reading about it and I just don't understand how someone would want to snatch and just kill a little child. I hope they take this monster out before he is able to hurt anyone else.

Panda... PandaPop83

I hope this is a dead end lead. The murderer needs to be found and brought to justice before more innocent children get hurt.

Panda... PandaPop83

I meant NOT a dead end lead. Sorry for the typo.

white... white_wolf454

Stop disrespecting the couple !! they are not in a that type of life have you never had a roommate while married and had kids and kids give that person a nickname I know my kids do it . 

Crol's Nest

The fact still remains of how long the child was allowed to play outside without adult supervision. The living arrangements of the parents has nothing to do with the missing child. However their responsibility to the child of her safety and seeing to it that she was in by a decent hour plays a big role in the child's disappearance. The time line of the parents just doesn't jive at all. You would think the child would have come it to get snacks and a drink of water. Why didn't the neighbors see her between the house of 12 noon and 5 that evening. By 7 that night the child was found by neighbor kids and the parents had no clue their child was dead on a street corner? I'd like to see the killer of this child caught but I firmly believe all the evidence left behind leads back to someone. Were their finger prints lifted off the belt? How long had the child been dead before she was found? This case is just weird.

nonmember avatar Darla

I find this article distasteful. As someone who lives in Saginaw and has been following this tragic event from the first moments, I can say that your "slant" on this story is a misrepresentation of the facts. (1) The police have over and over again said that the parents were never suspects. (2) The truck lead was there from the beginning. (3) The families marital situation was not brought out until 2-3 days after the onslaught of publicity in this case - and only ONE time have they been forced to defend their situation from ONE reporter who could not have chosen worse timing to focus on something completely not related to the real issue.

nonmember avatar Blush

White_wolf, no one here is disrespecting the family. They are poly and McDaniel was the little girl's biological father. There are those who automatically think this makes them deviants who hurt their child, but I don't see anyone here (except you) horrified by their lifestyle. I hope they find whoever did this to this precious child.

nonmember avatar fed up

white-wolf454 you need to reread it states that the mother and the two men are in a relationship with each other. The girls father is not the mothers husband but this has nothing to do with her being murdered. I hope they find the person who killed her

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