Mom Shoots & Kills Husband 15 Minutes After He’s Released From Jail

robert marshallA mom took a domestic abuse crisis into her own hands with fatal results. When Robert Vann Marshall threatened to kill his wife and children (allegedly) around 8 a.m., he was arrested, thrown in jail, and given an order of protection. Police described him as "irate, suicidal, and possibly armed," and he was found with firearms and narcotics. They released him at 1:27 that afternoon. Ten minutes after he was released from jail, 911 dispatchers got a call from his wife saying he was trying to break into their house. She retreated to a back bedroom where she shot and killed her husband 15 minutes after he left jail.

Police say they probably won't press charges because it looks like a case of self defense and because, duh, that order of protection they issued was apparently ineffective. If what this woman and 911 dispatchers report is true, then it's a relief to know she managed to save her life and the lives of her children. But it shouldn't have come to this.

I think it's insane that Marshall was released from jail in such a state. I don't know what exactly the laws are in Tennessee, where they live. But surely they could have found some way to hold him longer until he cooled down, couldn't they? And then there's that order of protection. McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy admits what too many other women have found out the hard way: A restraining order is "just a piece of paper." But he says it's "rare" that an order is violated.

Really? How rare? If you look at the statistics, it's not so rare at all.

According to the National Institute of Justice, a terrifying 60 percent of protective orders are violated within a year. (Statistics vary, and some research shows slightly lower rates.) So if a quarter to half of all protective orders are violated eventually, it kind of makes you think we should be doing more to protect families from potential domestic abuse.

Marshall's wife had every right to defend herself, and I'm glad she did. But what happened to law and order? Is this really the kind of world we want to live in -- a world of vigilante justice, where you have to take care of threats like this yourself? That sounds messy and irresponsible of us as a society. We can do better.

Do you think orders of protection do any good, or do we need something more?


Image via McMinn County Sheriff

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nonmember avatar Lizzie Borden

Sounds like she had little choice, doubt the world loses much from his death.

Trina_ Trina_

This is sad, I think he should have been offered some psychiatric assistance before being released back into the public. He had nowhere to go, obviously he was going to try and come back home to where all his belongings are! He clearly had something wrong with him and he needed to be checked out. Even though the police are not charging her, we will never truly know if she shot him out of fear, anger or just by accident.

Patrick MissingthePoint Gerrity

Actually, no, we cannot do better! This country has become a bunch of bleeding hearts who want to allow real criminals to roam the streets, and good guys get the shaft.

Sarah Ray

I think if folks who violated these orders were greeted by being shot to death more often then we would have a lot less of these aweful cases of 'husband with history of domestic violence slaughters entire family'. Good on her, also nice to see the police NOT further victimizing the victim (whom they failed to protect in the first place AGAIN)

nonmember avatar Shannon

Protective orders only work with reasonable people. Let's face it, if they were reasonable, you wouldn't need one in the first place, right? Good for her, now she never has to worry about it again. Hope he had some money so she can take care of their kids!

Nelli... NellieAthome

Let's look at this unemotionally - do we really want to incarcerate people because they *MIGHT* do something? Where does it stop?

Domestic violence is not going to stop until it becomes socially unacceptable. The majority of people still look at domestic violence as either a private matter that is no one's business or the spouse's right to get abusive. Until that charges no amount of laws or restraining orders will stop people bent on abusing or killing their spouses any more tha laws against murder prevent murder..


Nelli... NellieAthome

Drunk driving laws did not lower the number of drunk drivers (and tougher laws are not helping either). Drunk driving started to decline when it became socially unacceptable to either drive drunk or to look the other way when friends drove drunk. Until people stop accepting domestic abuse as normal, or worse, blaming the victim, it will continue no matter how many laws are passed.

How many of you are aware that if a woman calls the police to her home for a domestic violence call more than twice that many states/cities allow the police to force the landlord to evict her because of too may police calls to the property?

Or my neighbor who was arrested along with her husband because - , I will quote the arresting officer - "Obviously it was a frivolous call because she was not hysterical enough  when we arrived  for it to be real" Last week he broke her arm and she refused to call the police because she was afraid to be arrested again.....

Or there is just the common response on this site of "If someone did that I'd punch them in the face" or similar violent responses, most often to minor occurances. What do you think it says about society - and what you are teaching your children - that you so casually state violence as a legitimate response to actions you do not like?

Pixie030 Pixie030

This is my biggest fear.. and the whole reason why when my soon to be ex husband threatened my life I did not get a Protection order.. My ex is in jail now on old theft charges and it's his third time in his life of being in jail so obviously he doesn't care at all about what laws say. So if I had gotten an order which is just a piece of paper to him, I would probably be dead or at least hospitialized with possible permanent injuries. But now I have a gun for home protection and I will use it if I have to.. just hoping I never have to take my kids father's life.. How would they ever forgive me, I pray this never happens to me or my boys.

2love 2love

Restraining orders are useless. They released my ex husband 24 hours later so he could come home and hurt me again. Thankfully I had a neighbor who told me where a women's shelter was.

Michele Mewes

and yet there is a mom in FL that had the same thing happen. She fired to warning shot after he got in the house and she may be looking at 10 yrs for it.

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