Mom Charged With Hiring Hitman to Kill Her Kids' Dad Caught on Tape! (VIDEO)

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Julia MerfeldA Michigan mother of two is behind bars on attempted murder charges after she allegedly hired a hitman to kill her husband because it would be easier than getting a divorce. It's a story so unbelievable you'd have to see it to believe it. And you can! The mom was caught on tape with an undercover cop posing as a killer for hire!

And if the video proves to be legitimate, it doesn't appear Julia Merfeld was thinking much about her kids when she decided death was easier than divorce. All she cared about?

How fast she could move her girlfriend in ... and how "unmessy" the murder could be so it didn't scare the girlfriend off. Take a look:

Ex-prosecutor: Wife's murder plan 'cold'

Did you catch the part where Merfeld said it would be "easier" to do this than face the judgment of the family or break her husband's heart? How about the part where she said her kids were going to have a rough time knowing Daddy was dead?

Oh, wait, you didn't catch that last part? That's because it wasn't in there.

The couple's young kids were reportedly in New Jersey with relatives when these encounters were videotaped, and it seems it was out of sight, out of mind for mom. This mother of two was allegedly going to have her husband knocked off and move in a new girlfriend, and somehow her kids were going to have to just ... get over it.

Of course, realistically, that wouldn't happen. The death of a parent is tragic for kids. Add in a home invasion and murder, and the kids could very well spend the rest of their lives in a state of constant unease, never sure if their own home was safe. Violent crime doesn't just hurt a victim; it hurts their immediate family too.

A divorce, on the other hand, might be uncomfortable, but let's just get rid of the elephant in the room right now: it doesn't kill anyone. No matter what happens, divorce is something you CAN get over. So can your kids. They can go on to live happy, productive lives.

But from the looks of this video, Julia Merfeld wasn't thinking about her kids. She wasn't thinking about her husband either. She wasn't thinking about anything but herself.

What do you think of this woman's plan?


Image via police

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nonmember avatar Lydia

It's tragic! It shows the police don't care about protecting children! They never did anything about him abusing her children (and children belong only to the mother!) and beating her to a pulp, she was desperate to save her life and and no choice. It's this highly misogynist culture we live in. We are constantly vilified and harassed, but men get a free pass to rape, murder women and children!

nonmember avatar Angel

Lydia, you can always be counted on to throw out some truly irrelevant, entertainingly obnoxious nonsense. I almost have a fondness for your particular brand of insanity at this point!

worms... wormspoop

@Angel- I agree and well put, lol.

Heather Marie Miller

I didn't see anywhere where it said she was abused. Even so, you don't kill someone to get rid of them. You don't take the law into your own hands. She wasn't thinking of how this would affect their children. 

(Little side note, children belong to BOTH parents. It takes two to lay down and create a child. Without the fathers sperm, those children wouldn't be here.)

She needs to be punished for the callous, cold, cruel way she wanted to dispose of her husband. Regardless of whether or not he beat her. She could have just packed the kids up and left.

Doris Pierce

If this woman was afraid of her husband and his abuse of her and the children you could have fooled me. I see absolutely no signs of fear. All I see is a woman who is cold-bloodedly planning her husbands murder because its easier than a divorce. And notice she never even mentioned the children? That's a little strange if they were being abused. No, this woman did not want her husband in her life anymore and instead of divorcing him she wanted him dead--plain and simple. I hope the "girlfriend" sees this video and runs the other way and gets away from this woman. I hope this woman is locked away for a very long time and kept away from her children from this day forward!


Chelsea McKinzie

Lydia, really?! So it's totally cool that this bitch was just going to have her husband murdered in cold blood so she could collect on her husbands life insurance and move her friend in? Fuck how the kids feel? Is that what it is? And how do you know her husband was beating them? Do you know her? Or did you read her statement and just take it as truth? People lie ALL THE TIME!!! What she did was disgusting to the extreme and highly wrong NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES! If he in fact was abusing them, she could have called the cops and gotten him locked up for a very long time and by the time he got out, they (the wife and kids) would be long gone and he'd likely never find them. But no. She was blithely talking, and laughing, about having the father of her children murdered in their ho e and them planned to force her children to live in that same house. Like that wouldn't traumatized them at all! Are f*cking serious?! She clearly doesn't give a shit about how her kids would feel because if she did, she wouldn't have gone down that route. Also, if she was having him killed because he was, supposedly, so abussive, she wouldn't have wanted it quick. "I don't want him to suffer." She said that. If he was abusing her and she was so afraid of him and hated him so badly to have him killed for it, one would think she would want him to suffer at least a little bit. This was clearly not a revenge hit. She wasn't scared or nervous. She was happy and laughing. 

Kathleen Traphofner

if she had not done it he would of done it to her just went through that where i live the wife didn't want to be with the husband anymore she went and filed for a divorce and he killed her.

Coles... Coles_mom

Y'all think the police help abused women?!?!?! No freaking way!!!!!!!! I left with my kids and the courts believed HIS lies!!!

nonmember avatar Jenn

...are all of you bat shit crazy? if she divorced him he would have murdered her because that happened where you live? Married couples who divorce just kill each other? Really? He beat them all? All it takes to get a restraining order on someone abusive is proof of abuse, proof of a threat, a tape recorder, a text message, a voicemail. Sorry but...she tried to hire a hitman to try and kill her husband. She's the last person I'm going to expect to tell the truth...some of you people seriously need help. There is no way this is okay. There are resources all over the world for abused women if you do your research. And if he did do something that he deserved to be killed over, I'm sure she'd have been fired up and mad enough to either do it herself, or want him to suffer. And CHILDREN DO NOT ONLY BELONG TO THE MOTHER! My god, do you have ANY IDEA how many SINGLE FATHERS there are in this world.. PATHETIC!

nonmember avatar tiff

this happened in the city im from and the husband asked for his wife to be let go and not receive any punishment!!

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