Parents Are Opting Kids Out of Standardized Testing -- Would You? (VIDEO)

Standardized TestWe're not big fans of standardized testing at my house. The tests stress out teachers and their students, they take up time that could be spent on more interesting class projects, and they leave me worrying that my kids are being taught to take a test, rather than love learning.

I'm hardly alone in my feelings. Parents across the nation are fed up with the emphasis on standardized testing in many school districts, and more and more of them are taking a radical step. They're opting out.

Here's what some of these parents had to say about their decision:


If you haven't already been reading opt out stories in the news, you will soon. More and more parents are hearing about the idea and fighting back against standardized testing in their own districts:

-Parent and teacher groups in Minnesota are considering campaigns against standardized testing.

-More parents in Virginia are opting their kids out of the state's standardized tests.

-Some teachers in Seattle actually refused to administer their district's standardized tests, prompting the district to allow high schools to opt out of standardized testing as long as they could show evidence of another way of monitoring students' progress.

With so many parents, teachers, and school administrators admitting that standardized tests are a problem, you can expect to see many more stories like these in the months and years to come.

Want to learn more about opting out in your area? Several websites will help you find out about your state's rules and regulations, including FairTest and United Opt Out National.


Image via Alberto G./Flickr

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