Crazy 'Anti-Abortion' PSA Shows How Desperate Some Politicians Are to Control Your Body (VIDEO)

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baby shower how the new ohio budget affects vaginaLast week, in Ohio, Governor John Kasich signed a $62 billion-dollar state budget secretly packed with a slew of anti-abortion laws. Sneaking rules like mandatory ultrasound and forcing rape counselors not to speak of abortion into law without any debate or input from the people had to be one of the most underhanded moves the state GOP could possibly make. I'm sure many Ohioans are working on the best way to overturn this horrific move. As far as comedian Mike Polk is concerned, having a sense of humor may help.

He's the genius behind this cringe-worthy but hilarious new viral video entitled "How the New Ohio Budget Affects Your Vagina," which walks us through all the "hoops" ladies'll have to jump through now to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. And, hey, no worries if you're not an Ohioan, because Republicans may be pushing the very same or similar restrictions in your state, too! Check it out ...

I don't know about you, but this leaves me snickering and booing all at once. Ugh. The saddest part is that all the obstacles these new laws are setting up for women in Ohio are just a small piece of an appalling pie they've served up in this budget. The video can't even begin to cover the other restrictions, like how now, if a woman develops some sort of medical issue during an abortion, clinics can only refer them to a private hospital. And how now, rape crisis clinic counselors cannot tell sexual assault victims about abortions. And how now, many types of birth control -- like IUDs -- will be considered a form of abortion, and thus, women seeking them will have to jump through the same hoops as a woman seeking abortion.

It's so outrageous that it's enough to stop laughing and burst into tears. But what we really need to do is get angry -- and involved with the effort to fight back.

What was your reaction to this video?


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kckcm2 kckcm2

That is out of control. Obviously some of that was satirical but the iud things really pushes my button as due to my medical history it's one of the only forms of bc that is safe for me.

So when does make masturbation qualify? They're just throwing all those potential babies in the toilet right?

B1Bomber B1Bomber

I am 100% prolife and think abortion is a heartbreaking tragedy that has negatively affected our society for four decades.

I think some of the provisions of this bill are awful. Most men are not aware of what an early-term ultrasound is like. I am strongly against ever requiring any woman to submit to something so invasive. I also think the restriction on hospitals is a bad idea. Waiting periods, counseling, information - all good things. Punishing women who are victims of bad abortions by not letting them into the nearest hospital - terrible.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

I agree 100% with all the laws outlawing abortion and iud. I am proud to be pro life and believe that NO ONE has a right to take a life no matter how small. If you can't use any other form of birth control then don't have sex. In rape cases it is a proven fact that an abortion does not help the patient overcome the rape. It is irrelevant. The only "abortion" I remotely agree with is delivering a baby you know is probably not viable while trying to save the mothers life. But to me that is through an emergency c section and measures to save the baby if at all possible.

nonmember avatar Rachel S.

Oh wow, FarmersWife. So if a woman has an ectopic pregnancy like I did, she shouldn't abort it? When it could kill her? I already have a baby boy that I am completely happy with whose father has divorced me and never bothers to even call him. I don't want him to have to go to foster care or to have to be raised by his father.

LadyM... LadyMinni

That was hilarious. Hey, if she had just pulled the truck up the hill she probably would have miscarried. See lady, they were trying to help you!

This is one of the worst laws in the history of America. It is disgraceful and every single one of those old MEN should lose their jobs. This isn't helping anyone, this is just hurting innumerable women. I can't wait for the day when womens bodies no longer belong to other people and they can make decisions for themselves. Oh goodness, I hope these men approve of my new haircut! I hope they don't mind I'm taking painkillers for my deadly, debilitating genetic condition. I know they're crying because I'm taking birth control shots rather than just getting on my back like a good woman and being a baby factory. But I don't have to worry, they'll soon be trying to ban Depo Provera so that I can fulfill my destiny as a miserable breeder! Thank you for trying to force me into my rightful place in the world!


LadyM... LadyMinni

Farmers Wife obviously abortion doesn't help the woman -not the patient, she's a woman- overcome rape. You know what really doesn't help? Having to carry the unwanted, hated baby of the man who violated you and forced you to have a child  you don't want. You don't understand this issue at all. But hey, as long as you get to shove your beliefs down someone else's throat, why should you care? It isn't like you could ever just choose to not get an abortion. No no, it's like gay marriage. Once abortion is legal, abortion will be mandated! You'll have to kill your "baby" just like all of the victims of rape and incest, all of the women who are dying because of that "baby", and all of the women who don't want their children to grow up with the ridiculous pain they feel every second of every day.

bella... bellacazzate

"I am 100% prolife and think abortion is a heartbreaking tragedy that has negatively affected our society for four decades."

Is that a typo? Abortion didn't surface because of Roe v. Wade. Abortion has been around as long as pregnancy has been around... it's the degrees of safety that it affects. 

I appreciate your other sentiments, though. 

B1Bomber B1Bomber

@bellacazzate - the four decades include legal and common abortion. rior to legalization,almost  everyone believed abortion was a terrible (if necessary) choice. In the last few generations, it has become an operation of convenience. "reproductive rights" is a euphemism for "sex without consequence." I say this because no one cites reproductive rights when discussing the actual right to reproduce or not, only when discussing how to end reproduction once it has already begun.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

Rachel S- guess you didn't read very far- an ectopic pregnancy threatening the mothers live would be delivered via c section. Lady minni- a 'woman' receiving medical care is a patient. There was nothing wrong with my choice of wording. And someone who has been raped needs counseling and guidance, not to immediately kill the one good thing that could have come out of a horrible experience. Adoption and safe havens are readily available.

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