[UPDATED] San Francisco Plane Crash Aftermath Caught in Terrifying Video

plane crashAn Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul, Korea crashed while landing at San Francisco's airport Saturday. Passengers were forced to escape the Boeing 777 using the inflatable emergency exit slides. The airport is currently closed, and it's unknown when it will reopen.

Passengers who exited the plane told reporters that they did not believe there were any fatalities. In a phone interview with the LA Times, a passenger who was on the flight said that most, if not all, of the 291 passengers aboard the flight were unharmed. "I just want their families to know," the passenger who wished remain unknown said. "Most of the people seem OK and we’re just letting the paramedics do their job."

A video clip posted to YouTube showed smoke coming from the jet on the tarmac. Passengers can be seen jumping down the inflatable emergency slides. Images of the plane show the body largely intact but with severe fire damage. The tail of the airplane was separated from the aircraft. This is the first major commercial jet to crash in the United States since a November 2001 crash in New York.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved.

What do you think of this?

Image via David Eun/Twitter; Video via Alek Yoo/YouTube


Two passengers are confirmed dead and 181 were hospitalized or treated for injuries from the plane crash. Among the injured, 49 are in serious condition, and five, including a child, remain in critical condition. Officials said 123 escaped without injury. A team from the National Transportation Safety Board arrived in San Francisco early Sunday to begin the formal investigation into the cause of the plane crash.



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nonmember avatar Mommy320

I live here...people shouldn't mislead others I hate ppl that talk to the media before they know anything... 2 confirmed dead, 67 missing/unaccounted for and 130 at local hospitals 40 in critical condition ......only 108 are CONFIRMED to be alive with out injuries due to self evacuation

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I have to fly in a few weeks. I could really do without hearing about plane crashes.

Judgy... JudgyOnAWebsite

Whoa, I can't imagine what it must be like to SURVIVE a huge plane crash--how it would feel for the rest of your life to have truly known that terrible sensation of just FALLING. We've all had those dreams, right? Of course, I guess it's probably better than the alternative.....of NOT surviving, and for what it's worth, my heart goes out to those who have lost (or may still lose) loved ones. I live in the Bay Area, so it's obviously on every TV channel, cable AND local--is it because it's an international flight landing in the States? All the recent criticism about the media scorning what's going on in Egypt in favor of broadcasting the Zimmerman trial has suddenly caused me to take notice of what does and doesn't get covered (and I'm not JUDGING, just noticing). I'm sure I'll get judged for my next question though-- I don't mean to sound uncaring or unsympathetic, but why would that cause them to shut down the ENTIRE airport? (I'm seriously asking).

eupeptic eupeptic

Judgy, I was thinking the same thing as your last question as I was watching the news today (I'm also in the Bay Area) as that affects a lot of people. The main reason is probably for the safety of other flights. Once they feel that they've got everything under control and have checked to make sure that the runways are free of debris (in 2000 a Concorde crashed shortly after takeoff as a result of running over a metal piece that fell off another plane and was sitting on the runway. After being hit by a tire the piece of metal damaged the plane and its fuel tank which caused a fire) then they go ahead and reopen the airport (and the Oakland and San Jose airports aren't too far away [LAX is, though, and I heard that some planes were diverted there for landing, but that may not be too bad if their intention was just to be transferred to another flight to get to their final destination] for people who would have landed at SFO, but those at SFO waiting for a flight would pretty much be stuck there).

They did say that they reopened 2 of the 4 runways at 3:30 PM, though.

And if this accident was due to pilot error (as it seems; most commercial planes can do most to all of what's necessary to safely land using autopilot, but since the weather was clear the pilot was in control of the plane), possibly related to being fatigued, then airlines should put more effort into making sure that the pilots of long-haul flights are well rested before their flights.

nonmember avatar Michelle

@RhondaVeggie...don't worry, flying is still safer than getting in your car to drive to the airport :)
@Eupeptic--blame much? These flights typically have multiple crews on board...so stop blaming the pilot(s) right off the bat. Most of these type crashes are NOT caused by pilot error..do your research before making such an ignorant statement.

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