Man Charged With Killing Pregnant Girlfriend, Her Mom & Little Brother in Horrifying Quadruple Murder (VIDEO)

Amos WellsToday in awfulness: a 22-year-old man has been charged with killing his pregnant girlfriend, along with her mother and 10-year-old little brother. What an awful, senseless act of violence, and in my opinion, news outlets that are calling this a "Texas triple murder" are missing one brutally stolen life.

Reportedly, Amos Wells III walked into a Fort Worth police station on July 1 to make his confession. What he told police chills me to the bone ...

Wells allegedly said he "did something bad."

That "something bad" happened at around 6 p.m. on Monday night, when Wells reportedly brought a gun to his pregnant girlfriend's home in Fort Worth, Texas. Allegedly, he shot his girlfriend's mom Annette Reed, who was only 39 years old herself, several times in the front yard. It seems he then went on to gun down 21-year-old Chanice Reed, who was due to give birth to their child in about a month, and then finally Reed's poor little brother. Not even the family dog escaped the bullets.

Wells is being charged with capital murder, and I know Texas has the death penalty, but it's impossible to even think about what a "just" sentence for something like this would be. Of course, should Wells' confession prove to be true, he should never walk a free man again. At least he won't be able to hurt anyone else, but nothing can possibly make amends for the loss of all those innocent lives. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to read that Wells has been arrested for domestic violence several times before; among other things, he spent five days in jail on charges that he violently choked his then-girlfriend. This sure seems to be a situation where the system grossly failed to keep a violent man off the streets.

If you can stand to watch it, here's a video where Wells actually says, "It is what it is."

View more videos at:

Do you believe in the death penalty?

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Pixie030 Pixie030

It's sad to say but honestly I have seen too many stories, well from everywhere.. but yes, the U.S. has a major problem with letting these abusive creeps go free. My cousin almost lost her son when at two months old her then husband got mad at the baby for crying late at night and smashed his head on a counter top.. that the dr's said if he had been older and had less cartiladge to crack he may not have survived. That man only served 18 months in a prison and was only charged with "assault on a minor" Are you kidding me!!! Now I am divorcing a man who really isn't much better than my cousin's ex, true he never hurt our babies enough that they needed medical attention. But while he had me stranded in a state where I knew no one I spent many evenings with my baby staying outside while this "man" had temper tantrums inside the apt, usually breaking something. And he has admitted that he was abusive in the past and thinks he has turned a new leaf because even though he has threatened my life many times, he never actually hit me.

Heidi Whiteley

I dont think him dying would make things right he should have to live the rest of his life with the guilt of knowing that he took the life of his child and 3 other innocent people because he doesnt wanna talk about it i think he needs to have a psychiatric evaluation done because he seriously has something going on that there are some details that he can't remember if he keeps saying i don't wanna talk about it but either way he still needs to be convicted of his crime and given a sentence either way he needs punishment for this cause what he did is horrific and unacceptable



Tammy Yeager Keeling

I do think he should get the death penalty, he took all their lives, why should he get to live his life in a nice federal pen. while we feed and educate him, life of luxury. not even his unborn child did he care about, and let's not forget the dog, I say execute him

Tara Lobus Mays

i say kill all these creeps the same way they killed their victims

Jades... JadesInTheSky

I am not condoning what Maliek "Amos" did because it was a horrific act of violence and 4 lives are gone from this Earth forever.  However something went terribly wrong perhaps a crime of passion and I also get the feeling that Maliek knew he had some issues with violence but didn't change it.  This is a rare occurence when a person actually admits what they have done is wrong, immediately turns himself in and is actually remorseful; extremely rare.  He is absolutely right in that fact that his death will not change the hurt and pain he has caused.  What we need in our society is to teach people to be responsible for their actions; key to prevention.  I actually felt sorry for this guy; also rare.  The killers in this country who committ mass murders, shoot up schools and kill innocent children almost always plead not guilty and are completely unremorseful.  bad

nonmember avatar grumpy

When people make comments along the lines of "let him live with his guilt and the knowledge of what he's done" I'm baffled. This guy might just be incapable of the same range of emotions that you feel. While a "normal" person would feel beyond terrible having committed such a crime I think it is safe to say that this guy is not "normal." Instead of forking out the funds to house, guard, and "treat" this waste of life he should be destroyed. The same thing that he has done to this family who were apparently accepting of him. The justice system daily ruins the lives of people who have done much less. No lawyers should make a cent babbling about this at trial. He's confessed, I sincerely doubt he has much to teach the world. End him and move on.

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