Parents Charged With Leaving Baby in Sweltering Hot Car to Shop for Sex Toys

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police photo jessica hurley-smith michael cegersIt's like clockwork. Every summer, we have to hear horror stories about parents leaving their kiddos in a hot car. But one of the latest is as disgusting and outrageous as it is horrifying. On June 22, Wisconsin couple 18-year-old Michael Cegers and 20-year-old Jessica Hurley-Smith left their 9-month-old son in the car while they went shopping for sex toys. Yuuuuuup! Seriously, people, you can't make this stuff up. Sick.

Police were called to the parking lot of the Libertyville, Illinois Lover's Lane shop, and officers saw the baby alone in the car with the windows down an inch, "crying and sweating profusely," the police report says. Guh, that poor child! The police report goes on to say that Cegers and Hurley-Smith -- who a store employee said were "taking their time" browsing -- claimed they left their little boy in the car for 20 minutes, because the shop doesn't allow people under 18 inside. Wow ...

Thankfully, the boy wasn't injured, and now the couple are charged with endangering the life or health of a child and are scheduled to appear in court on August 2.

Geeze, this makes some of the MTV Teen Mom cast's worst offenses look like nothing. It's so bad and gross and ridiculous, you almost feel like it was a concerted effort to nab a headline or score a Honey Boo Boo/Teen Mom/shocking and appalling reality show of their own! Ugh. Because, hello, haven't these two ever heard of the INTERNET? Come on. Sex toy shopping while keeping your kid perfectly safe and sound -- there's an app for that, I'm sure!

This couldn't possibly have been one little "slip-up." Children have DIED in similar incidents! Thus, it seems indicative of being ill-fit to parent. And for the sake of that little boy, let's hope the judge comes down as hard as he or she possibly can on this couple.

How crazy/gross/sick is this?! What do you feel like the consequence should be?


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nonmember avatar Aimee

That poor baby! My son is only a couple months older then him. Hopefully they get charged to the full extent of the law

youth... youthfulsoul

They should remove the child and mandate some parenting courses.

cheya... cheyanne1234

Oh come on. Didnt a cafemom writer just post yesterday that leaving kids in the car is perfectly fine if it was a quick errand? That was an irresponsible article and this is exactly why.

nonmember avatar Kathy

some people don't deserve children this is just so disgusting ...

sylph... sylph_ironlight

There were two children who have died within a week of each other in Canada. Once was left by a grandparent, and the second seems to be that the little girl got in the car and fell asleep. Incredibly sad. People need to realize that cars (even if you leave the windows cracked) can have temperatures skyrocket to 20 degrees above the outside temperature in less than 30 minutes. What an absolutely horrific thing to do to a child :(

Hilary Suarez

They're only facing misdemeanor charges. It's bull! These 2 live in my city and they are total trash.

Lovea... Loveavision

Cheyanne, she repeatedly said "in mild weather"(not excessively cold or hot) in that article.

cheya... cheyanne1234

Yea "mild" weather would be 70 some degrees and can reach 110 in 20 mins inside that car. Irresponsible. I stand by my word and that article should be removed. Anyway, these trash bags shouldnt breed if sex toys are more important than their 9 month old. I hope they added condoms to their purchase.

Shannon Elysabeth Mundorff

No no no, cheyanne1234, these parents were being responsible! They didn't want to take their baby out of his carseat, and drag him in the store, just to be told he wasn't allowed in, and have to go through all the hassel of strapping him back in! They were thinking of hm! Or maybe, he ASKED to stay in the car? And HELLO, this IS mild weather for summer! God, they were ONLY in the store for 20 minutes and I'm sure they could see the car from the store windows! Oh and they put the windows down too!! See! They did everything right! They should NOT be charged with anything! (in case you can't tell this is total irate sarcasm. That author who posted that lame craptastic article needs to be fired and the article removed)

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