Discovery of 6-Year-Old Alanna Gallagher's Bound Body Has Police Looking at Weird Clues

Alanna GallagherIt's been said that no news is good news, but that's hardly the case for residents of Saginaw, Texas, where the body of 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher was found in the middle of a street earlier this week. The little girl's death has prompted a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of her killer, but so far cops look like they're grasping at straws. And what they have to say to residents is hardly comforting.

Right now, the police in Saginaw say that Alanna's murder is likely an "isolated" incident. Which means ... what, exactly?

Well, it should mean that parents in Saginaw can stop worrying that their child will be the next targeted by a killer, the next child to be found in the middle of the street hog-tied and wrapped in a trash bag. I know that would be the very first thing I'd be worried about: was my child safe? Could I let her out to play in our yard as Alanna did, as most normal 6-year-olds do?

But is it really possible to feel good here? To let your kids play as they did before this horror visited the town?

An "isolated" incident indicates the cops in Saginaw think they know why this little girl is dead. But the reward, the news that no one has yet been ruled out as a suspect, the lack of news on motive ... all of that makes for cold comfort for the residents of Saginaw. As a police spokesman told the press of the person responsible for Alanna's death:

Any single person in this area is a suspect.

That would indicate that the killer who brutalized a little girl on her summer vacation walks among them, is someone who may well have been around their own kids. Maybe (hopefully) they will not kill again, but what other risk could they represent to the kids of Saginaw?

Even Alanna's own parents haven't been ruled out as suspects. Reporters noticed a number of odd items being taken out of their home -- from a four-pack of toilet paper to Wal-Mart bags and colored tape -- by cops. They might well be clues, clues of nothing good ...

If something untoward happened to this girl in her own home, neighbors will no doubt be beating themselves up, wondering if they could have stepped in, if they should have seen something and said something.

Really, there is no good news here.

The cops no doubt want to make people in Saginaw feel less anxious, but the mother in me says that will never happen. Isolated incident or not, this will haunt people up until Alanna's murderer is caught and beyond.

Would you be worried for your kids if you lived in that town?


Image via Saginaw Police

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nonmember avatar Gofrogs

My kids do live in Saginaw and I can tell you I have never been so scared in my life. My 12 yr old will no longer be walking to her bus stop. We are installing an alarm system. I don't even leave the windows open any longer. No kids are out playing on the streets or at the parks. No one visits the community pool. Seems like the only place that anyone visits anymore is the memorial where her body was found. We won't rest easy for years to come. You've summed up my feelings very well.

nonmember avatar TxMom

Every parent,no matter where you live, should be aware and concerned about your child's safety 24/7. I pray this community will heal and continue to live,laugh,and love. Do not live in fear.

nonmember avatar CoolMom

This tears me up so much. Putting a little smiley face to a horrifying news story...I can't. My mind can't process that kind of evil. Who was looking out for this girl? In her home or as she was playing in the street? I know it doesn't take much for a sick opportunist to prey on a child but still...she had siblings and a two-parent household and neighbors. R.I.P little angel.

nonmember avatar Dawn

As a resident of Saginaw for 20 years, I can vouch that no children are playing in the streets. Our small(ish) town is incredibly shaken up. From what I've heard from family and friends, whom are also Saginaw residents, Alanna was on her own a lot. Kind of makes you wonder just how much her parents cared about her whereabouts... Which I think speaks volumes. You'd like to think that you're safe in your little hometown, but this is unsettling. Like another Opal Jennings situation. I hope and pray that this sweet little girl didn't suffer and that we find justice for her.

nonmember avatar Cathy Cooley

My family feels so badly for this very sweet little girl... The timeline on Monday seems very odd to us. Alanna's family last saw her around 5pm, she was found dead at 7:30pm, and the family was looking for her at 9pm... (Very sad). Hope that Alanna's killer is found, and has very severe punishment. RIP sweet Alanna...

nonmember avatar Scaredmom

We live a few towns away and I feel the same way-scared for my children. I wonder why the police have made contradicting statements. How do they know its an isolated situation? Do they know more than they are releasing or are they just trying to provide false comfort? If that's the case, it's not working.

Dotty Flowers


tuffy... tuffymama

My kid is never out of sight of one of his parents. Seems extreme, but if you lived in my neighborhood, you would understand. Besides, he's on the spectrum and is prone to wander.

nonmember avatar Lizzie Borden

Poor baby, it's hard looking at that little face. So tired of things like this happening.

Nelli... NellieAthome

Tell me Dotty Flowers - how many surveillance cameras are on the street where you live and you may well have answered your won question.....  

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