Loch Ness Monster Proven Fake By Some Weirdo 'Scientists' (VIDEO)


loch ness monsterHaters gon' hate, you know? Some know-it-all "scientists" are claiming that the Loch Ness monster isn't some enormous, mystical, unimaginably elusive creature living in the Scottish lake of the same name and are insisting that the ripples, bubbles, and water bumps people are seeing are in fact caused by an "active fault" line running under the body of water. 

Oh yeah. Ok. Sure. Whatever you say, "research experts".

You mean to tell me that a brontosaurus-sized monster that's never been caught in a relatively small lake isn't real, and that the so-far-unexplained bubble action is actually a result of seismic activity?


Loch Ness for life.


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Just keep swimming, right guys?


Photo via unukorno/Flickr

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SaphireH SaphireH

i believe she exists just like big foot and all the others, i dont get why people have to knock others beliefs

Choco... Chocodoxies

I don't know what I think about it. Frankly, it seems far fetched, but I am not above admitting that I like the idea that not everything that is to be discovered in this world has been. I like thinking that there could be a Loch Ness Monster, and I like to think there is another similar creature in Lake Champlain. Call me over imaginative, but I think there is more to this world than just what the scientists of 2013 say there are. 

nonmember avatar Kim

People only make fun of people who believe in stuff like this because it makes them feel better about themselves when they call other people crazy... Learned this over the years cause I believe in bigfoot, but oh well its what we get for having open minds in a world with people afraid to think for themselves lol.

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