Think New Laws Restricting Abortion Access Don't Affect You? Think Again.

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gov. kasich signing budget abortion lawsWhile people were sitting down to eat dinner on Sunday night in Ohio, Governor John Kasich signed a $62 billion-dollar state budget, which wouldn't really have been all that big a deal to the rest of the country ... if it weren't for the fact that hidden inside that budget were the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, buried into the budget at the final hour by state Republicans. Yup, Ohio now has the most extreme abortion laws in the U.S. -- but they were not written or approved of by the people or for the people.

Not only are the laws attacking Planned Parenthood -- stripping $1.4 million from federal funding -- but here we go again with the mandatory ultrasound and government interference with rape counseling! Forget what doctors and counselors actually want to say to their patients. They'll have to say what the state tells 'em to now. And while they're at it, they now need to redefine "pregnancy" and "fetus" and, by corollary, birth control, according to the legislature.

Yes, the omnibus of provisions also redefines pregnancy and fetus, and under these definitions, many types of birth control -- like IUDs -- will be considered a form of abortion. Thus, if you want birth control, you may need to contend with mandatory ultrasounds and lectures that women seeking abortions are going to be required to undergo, as well.

Abortion providers would have to administer a transvaginal ultrasound to all women seeking abortions (or birth control), and then tell them about the anatomical and physiological characteristics of a fetus at various stages of its development, as well as adoption and alternative family planning options. Then, if you are able to get an abortion, but you develop some sort of medical issue during the procedure, clinics cannot refer you to a public hospital for the care you need. It's gotta be a private one. Some clinics aren't anywhere near a private hospital, so they'll have to close their doors.

And wait, there's more! Rape crisis clinic counselors cannot tell sexual assault victims about abortions. If they do, they could lose public funding. Completely sick and INSANE!

Ohio Democrats like Rep. Connie Pillich agree that had the measures gone through the normal committee protest and been subject to public scrutiny, they would have had to face the outrage of many opposed Ohioans. They probably had visions of what's going on in Texas with Wendy Davis and "the citizens' filibuster" right now dancing in their heads. And by golly, they would stand for none of that. So they just made up Ohioans' minds for them.

Even if you support these extreme measures, how can ANY American support blatant backdoor politics like this? In which controversial laws are buried in a state budget so that there's absolutely no room for debate? To say it's egregious and horrifyingly counter to our democratic values and system is an understatement.

So, now what? Ohio Dems cannot exercise their right to referendum on these draconian measures -- which go into effect on MONDAY, by the way -- because they are in the budget bill. She says the only hope now is that Democrats are elected to Ohio statewide offices, so they can make things right.

For more info, check out Rachel Maddow's analysis and interview with Rep. Pillich ...

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How do you feel about these extreme measures being passed sneakily at the last minute in a budget without any sort of debate or input from the Ohio public?

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katyq katyq

Sick! Stay the fuck out of my uterus you religious nutjobs!

romab... romab1126

That's so not fair.

nonmember avatar NoWay

Katyq ... not all republicans are "religious nut jobs." I am a republican AND agnostic. So there you go. And you don't need to be a republican to know that abortion is murder. That being said, if this article is true (which I doubt since they tend to leave out a lot of details on this site) then I don't agree with how it was snuck into the bill.

nonmember avatar blh

Most of that is insane! How awful. Although, there's nothing wrong with having to have an ultrasound before hand. They need to know how far along you are and if you're having an ectopic pregnancy or something like that, you need to be aware of it.

nonmember avatar Le

I am pregnant with my first right now, and right after she is born I plan on getting an IUD. Just because I'm not ready to have another immediately after does not mean that I am "aborting" potential fetuses. And to those who agree with these laws: instead, what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to refrain from sexual intercourse with our husbands since we can't use contraception? Or would you rather we do not prevent unplanned pregnancies and have as many babies as possible- ones that we may not be able to financially support and then get government assistance? I'm pretty sure then, you will have so many complaints about how EVERYONE is having children that they cannot financially support and how they are "mooching" off of welfare. Again, it's not like it will be irresponsible teens fornicating and procreating, it includes husbands and wives, and who are you to tell them they have to abstain?!!?!? This is crazy.

cleig... cleigh717

What was wrong with things the way they were? Why do they have to be changed drastically like that?

cleig... cleigh717

What was wrong with things the way they were? Why do they have to be changed drastically like that?

Caera Caera

Abortion should be restricted. It should be hard to satisfy the requirements to kill another person.

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

Wow, you mean they want you to go through a bunch of red tape before you can murder someone? The nerve!

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