High School English Teacher Accused of Having 16-Year-Old Student's Baby

teacher has baby with studentLaura Elizabeth Whitehurst, a teacher in California, was arrested yesterday and accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student that led to the birth of a baby. Apparently, the "relationship" lasted close to a year and largely took place at Whitehurst's home.

The boy's mother reported it to the police. The fact that this happened under the nose of the school and was probably well known by some students is pretty appalling. Even more appalling is the fact that if the genders were reversed -- if the teacher were male and the student female -- people would be up in arms over this. My guess is this way a whole lot of men are chuckling to themselves and thinking how lucky he is.

Well, he isn't "lucky" at all. Now, he is a father at 16, a decision over which he had likely zero control. Not only did this woman commit statutory rape, she forced him into a grownup role that will never go away.

Even if I could get past the statutory rape (which I can't), the reality is this isn't very different from the "abortion in cases of rape" argument we hear about all the time when it pertains to women. No woman should be forced to carry a baby she didn't want from sex she didn't want against her will. It would be like a second rape.

This situation isn't all that different. Even if he enjoyed the sex and wanted the sex, he was too young to legally consent to her. Even more, he is WAY too young to have chosen to have a baby.

This entire thing reeks of sexism and gender stereotypes. Teenage boys deserve to be protected every bit as much as teenage girls. They may think they are old enough to consent and may even think they are totally lucky (I have heard grown men say, "Where were THESE teachers when I was a kid?"), but they aren't.

A boy who is raped by a woman is every bit as much a victim as a girl. My heart goes out to this boy's family. I hope he gets the counseling he deserves and that whatever happens with the child he fathered, he is still able to go on to college and live the life he would have had if this hadn't happened to him.

Do you think he should be forced to pay child support and be responsible for this baby?


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nonmember avatar myopinion5

I totally disagree. 16 is young but is old enough know what your getting into. I do think that males should have protection over kids they don't want. Women can choose to have an abortion or adoption but men are on the hook for life, and that's not right.

nonmember avatar Tammy

It's not right what happened but in many states 16 IS the age of consent. He is old enough to know how the body works and what can happen when you have unprotected sex.
That being said the teacher should not have done what she did and should lose her job.

zandh... zandhmom2

I don't even know where to begin with this.  I think one day men are going to wise up and demand that if a woman has up to 20 weeks to decide if they want to be a mom or not, then men should have the same right.  I bet if more women knew that they could not collect child support from a man who  also hadthe same right to decide not to be a dad, they would be much more careful about getting pregnant with just anyone.  And don't give me the argument that if a man didn't want a baby he should wear a condom b/c the same logic applies to the women...they should use birth control.  It's not fair that they both share in the consequences yet only one gets the final decision that affects both lives. Now onto this situation, because she is in a position of power over this young man, she should lose her licence to teach and he should not be responsible for child support.  She is the adult and she made the decision so she should have to pay for it.

LostS... LostSoul88

she didnt force him into anything. 16 years old is old enough to make up their own mind and YES I would still say that if the roles were reversed 

nonmember avatar Kelli

The affair started when the boy was 16 and her student, which is wrong hands down. It is now a year later, he is 17 and a graduate of the HS. I'm not saying that makes the situation better, but it does make me wonder if the writers for Stir actually read ALL of the information on a subject before going off to rant about it. The problem with teachers crossing the line with students sickens me and has me considering homeschooling for my children, male or female, it doesn't matter. They are there to teach and protect! But please read about a topic thoroughly before you start giving false information to further your own opinions.

misty... mistygirl78

If the relationship has been going on for a year it's pretty obvious she didn't force him into anything. He didn't tell about the relationship, his mom did. Apparently he wanted the relationship. 16 is old enough to decide.

sassy... sassykat122

Sorry, if my 16 year old daughter came home and told me she had been having a sexual relationship with a much older male teacher i would have his head on a platter. The same for my son. That woman should have her child taken away and register as an S.O. the rest of her life. Same as a guy.

Rosas... RosasMummy

if this situation, with it going on for a year, was gender reversed I would think of it the same way. It's not exactly 'rape' in my opinion when a 16 year old with normal mental functioning consents to sex with an older person. In fact in the UK it wouldn't even be statutory. THe techer in this type of situation obviously should be removed from their role, I'm gna be a teacher in about 2 years so I'll he about 24, if I found myself attracted to onw of the 17/18 year old students, I would deserve to lose my job if I acted on that attraction, because it is totally inappropriate given the context even if age wise it would be pretty normal.

worki... workingmama86

Okay, I get it, he's a "child", she's an adult. She knew better and should never had pursued him. BUT (and this is a BIG BUT), HE IS A 16 YEAR OLD BOY, not an 8 year old boy. In some states, it's legal for an adult to have a sexual relationship with teens as young as 16, as long as they are not employees of the state/school.

And HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING. He KNEW having sex with this woman could very well end up in her getting pregnant. He is just as RESPONSIBLE as she is. I have NO sympathy for this boy, as I don't have any sympathy for any other teen who sleeps with their teachers (or other adults). If they are willing participants, then they are responsible for their actions. END OF STORY.

Elaine Cox

This entire thing reeks of sexism and gender stereotypes

coming from the stir?  uh huh

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