Little Girl’s Body Found in Middle of a Suburban Street (VIDEO)

Horror out of Texas today. A little girl, around 4 years old, was found dead in the middle of the street. She was under a tarp in a suburban neighborhood outside of Fort Worth. Her hands and feet had been bound. She was naked except for purple underwear. She had a plastic bag over her head. And she was only a baby. The horror boggles. Police are interviewing her parents and trying to determine what happened. How. Why. Who. And is a sick, twisted killer still out there?!

Police say that the girl's parents had reported her missing -- but it's unclear if they did before or after her body was discovered only half a mile from where she lived. Teens had been playing outside when their parents told them to clean up a tarp that was lying in the street at an intersection.

They saw something underneath the plastic tarp and thought it was "rubber stuff," but getting even closer, they saw hair. And then they realized it was a little girl. The boy, 18, who found the murdered girl said he "dropped to [his] knees and just started crying."

Neighbors said that around 8 p.m., the father of the girl began knocking on neighbors' doors, asking if anyone had seen his daughter. But her body was found at 7:30 p.m.

Why would she be alone? Had she slipped out of the house? Or, as of course minds are going to wonder, are her parents suspects? Authorities say they are being interviewed, their home searched. But that is standard.

Since the body was smack in the middle of the street, police think maybe it was being transported somewhere and then fell out. But how? Why would anyone have a door open or a trunk open with a dead little girl inside? Wouldn't you notice it fall out?

Or did a killer dump her in the middle of the neighborhood on purpose -- to send the town into sheer terror? Serial killers do stuff like that. Leave a body where everyone can find it. See it. Serial killers like to brag about their victims and leaving them in plain sight is one way to do it.

Answers will come. And soon. And someone will pay.

What do you think happened?

Dallas News |


Image via Fox TV

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LostS... LostSoul88

not another syory about a dead child... THIS TIME LOOK AT THE PARENTS TOO!!!!!

Green... GreenEyesMom

:(. I think it's messed up that the parents are probably gonna be grilled for answers even if she just slipped out the door.

What horrible thing for that boy to find. I don't even want to guess what happened to her. No clue.

Jennifer Miller

so sad and sick why hurt innocent children .

Laura Bona Ryals

I just hope this doesnt turn into another Casey Anthony type of case!


adopt... adoption2013

Poor wee girl and poor teenagers.  I found my neighbour murdered in his home two years ago.  Those kids will need a lot of therapy.  The parents may have done it.  Or she could have been snatched from her own backyard by a pig who likes to hurt little girls.  There are enough pedophiles out there that it is possible.  I'd have to havemore facts. Before coming to any conclusion.

nonmember avatar yvonne cenicero

may god have her soul at baby, child deserves to suffer that way.condolences to the babys family

Gynx6188 Gynx6188

The Teen Boy was not 18yrs old, he was 14yrs old..... here is the news report stating this;

youth... youthfulsoul

That's so sickening and disturbing. My heart breaks for that poor baby girl.

nonmember avatar KN112911

It hurts me deeply and brings me to tears to think of the suffering that this innocent little girl must have endured by the hands of a MONSTER. Why? God bless this child's family and people who loved her, and give them strength to deal with the pain. That's ok baby, you're wrapped in the arms of angels now, and no one will ever hurt you again.

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