Mom of Missing 3-Year-Old Admits Throwing Her in the Trash

Sabrina DeLeonA missing 3-year-old is now considered dead by authorities in Texas, and cops are alleging the girl's own mom hid her daughter's death for a year before (maybe, possibly) throwing her ... in the trash. That mom, Sabrina DeLeon, is now in jail, but no one seems to know just what happened to Lee'onna Ramirez.

What do we know? We know that cops say DeLeon has been changing her story about what happened to her daughter for months now, and that's never a good sign. 

If she can't tell a straight story, is there really any hope for her child?

A caring mother is going to do everything she can to help police find a child. But a mother who is playing games with the cops clearly has something to hide.

The question is what happened to Lee'onna Ramirez? Was this child murdered? Did something go wrong and did mom cover it up instead of doing the right thing?

According to the cops, Lee'onna allegedly went missing almost a year ago. It wasn't until April, when her mother was arrested after a carwreck with Lee'onna's older sister, that the little girl's disappearance finally became an issue. Charged with a DUI in the accident, DeLeon attracted the attention of child welfare officials, who wanted to know where her other kids were.

She allegedly said her 11-year-old son and Lee'onna were both living with their fathers (two different men). The older one was. But Lee'onna's father apparently thought child protective services had his daughter to begin with! What's more, DeLeon allegedly claimed he lived in Mexico, when he lives right in Houston, Texas!

All those games have made it harder for cops to find this little girl, whose body remains missing. That means they don't yet have solid proof that she's dead, but it doesn't mean anything good either ... not by a long shot.

According to cops, based on interviews with the missing girl's mother, there's the distinct possibility that the 3-year-old died and her body was put in the trash. And while DeLeon hasn't been charged with murder (instead she faces felony charges of serious bodily injury to a child by omission and tampering with evidence with the possibility of more charges down the line), this mother needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror and face that whatever happened to her child, that little girl deserved better than what she got.

No child should be missing for a year before anyone does anything about it. No mother should let that happen.

What do you make of the length of time this child was gone?


Image via police

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Green... GreenEyesMom

The world continues in it's downward spiral of moral decay. Smh

lasombrs lasombrs

Poor child :( 

LostS... LostSoul88

People need to start looking into the parents more instead of take their word for it... I am so sick and tired of hearing stories like this.

IHear... IHeartCake

The more of these stories I read, the more I understand when people make comments that say these mothers should be forcibly sterilized before being thrown in prison for life.  I know that is considered a human rights violation, but so is being a small child murdered by your parent and thrown in the trash!

momofcfk momofcfk

AMEN IHEARTCAKE! I couldn't say it any better myself!!!

summe... summerblythe

She'll get no jail time just like casey anthony.

Dennissa Merrell

I think that this woman is sick and she should get the electric chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a mother of a 3 year old girl and I would NEVER let anything happen to her. If she ever did, God forbid, come up missing, I would be on the phone with 911 INSTANTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Latasha

Well Casey Anthony and the State of Florida made this look easy. How she hid the fact her daughter was gone for a year or more is beyond me.

Debbie Christian

god another POS!!! wish she would just tell where the little girl is


Patty Richardson

Sounds like another Casey Anthony ..... Hope this mother gets what she deserves, we all know that Casey Anthony didn't. May that little girl rest in peace.....

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