Dylan Redwine’s Parents Are in All-Out War Over Their Son’s Murder (VIDEO)

Elaine Redwine was devastated after the disappearance of her 13-year-old son Dylan, who went missing during a visit with his father, with whom Elaine shared custody after a divorce. Her worst fears were confirmed when Dylan's remains were found 10 miles from his father Mark Redwine's home.

Elaine has made it clear that she felt Mark had something to do with Dylan's death, and Mark vociferously denied it. Both parents went on Dr. Phil to bring attention to the case -- and to argue. I can only imagine the devastation and pain that must overcome a family when something like this happens, and it's understandable that Elaine is lashing out and blaming, perhaps with good reason. After all, before Dylan was even killed, Elaine had filed for divorce from Mark and called him a "threat" to the family's safety. Dylan's visit with his father was ordered by the court.

Elaine revealed how she sent her son off to visit his father Vallecito, Colorado, for Thanksgiving. The last time she saw the blue-eyed boy was at the airport. She told 9News:

I said, "Oh don't be such a man! Give your mom a hug." And he gave me a big ol' hug and I told him I loved him.

All moms can relate to that feeling of sending your child off -- whether it is to visit relatives, a friend across the street, or just to school -- and your heart dying just a little, but your mind dismissing your worst paranoia and insisting that your child will be fine, which happens the vast majority of the time. Unfortunately, however, Elaine was forced to confront every parent's nightmare: Dylan's disappearance. And then his tragic death. She says:

I'm still angry that he didn't come back in one piece. And you know, I sent him there. I sent him here. And I no way thought he would never come back to us ... The fact that his bones were spread. The fact that wildlife got to him. Whoever did this is just a monster. To not do something proper. He deserved so much more than to just have his remains eaten by wildlife.

Ugh, absolutely the worst thing a mother can ever go through. And to even suspect in the slightest that the man who fathered your child might have been behind it? Mark has not been named a suspect but Elaine sure suspects him, even going so far as to call him a "murderer," according to Mark. Police have dismissed the notion that Dylan might have gone for a walk and was killed by animals -- even though animals later spread his remains. And Mark reportedly failed a polygraph (I personally don't believe in polygraphs, but that's another story!). But in a recent interview, Elaine said, "Whoever did this is a monster" and didn't name her ex-husband.

But Mark believes that Dylan must have been going somewhere and was abducted. However, at one point, he reportedly told a news outlet that he believed his ex-wife "had some involvement" in the case.

Dylan's parents have not had a good relationship, and Mark says that Dylan "struggled" with that. Now the two are in the ultimate struggle. How tragic for everyone -- especially Dylan. But justice will be served eventually.

What do you think happened?

Image via 9News

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LostS... LostSoul88

I think the father killed him. He disappeared under his care, he has a violent history, he refuses to cooperate. It's Susan Powell all over again, but this time a child was killed.  It's like the police don't bother looking into him at all, just took his word for it. Have they even proven that he was out and about doing "errands"? i think in the case when a child goes missing they need to have a chunk of police looking for the child and also a few of them looking into the parents. How many stories have we heard where the end parent killed the child?

Trina_ Trina_

This is just such a sad and bizarre case. I’m not really sure what to believe. It sounds like to me that both these parents are unstable and should not have been in charge of taking care of a child. I'm really at a loss for words because this is disturbing to think about.

nonmember avatar Iam Truth

The mother, while hurt and angry, has not displayed herself as stable. Her reactions are on the far side of normal into the abnormal. A grief reaction perhaps? The father's reaction falls into the normal range to me. Not approaching abnormal. Men are different than women and I don't hold both to the same standard with regard to emotional displays. The mother has been vitriolic and bitter from the beginning. I think it's fair to assume at this point that the mother wasn't involved in Dylan's death, but her actions were so bizarre as to make me join the father in his mild suspicion of her. May justice come soon for Dylan Redwine and therapy for his parents. Both need it.

Katie Stanton

In what way are the mother's reactions bizarre or unstable? You sound like friends or relatives of the killer.

nonmember avatar C t

The mom IS crazy. Her public displays prove that. No friend of the killer here, just an observer. I agree with iam truth

Dylan Miller

No what is proven by Public display is that MR Does not give to shits about his son or finding justice for him you are obviously and observer that chooses to observe the facts you choose. look at all the facts as a hole and then tell me which parent heart ripped in half and witch parent didn't care his sons remains are being feed on by wildlife.

nonmember avatar Guestgirl

A lot of the locals think - rather, ASSUME - that Mark is guilty. Elaine is not perfect. She has some serious problems. But she shows no signs of guilt, only grief and despair. I've been watching this story since the beginning and Mark has been acting suspicious since day one. The way he reported the disappearance. The way he talked about the boy in the past tense, even at the beginning. His refusal to cooperate with the police. His insistence on turning the blame on his ex-wife, whom he seems to hate. His own sons' hatred of him. His OTHER ex-wife's distrust of him. His body language. His suspicious behavior on Dr. Phil. His narcissism. I'm waiting for him to be arrested any day now.

Green... GreenEyesMom

I agree with Guestgirl. The mothers reaction is one of a mother who has lost her son. I'm pretty sure if she had anything to do with his dissapearance there would be a plane ticket too. She's got reason to believe the father was unsafe, so why wouldn't she be thinking he had something to do with it. I also know lie detectors aren't always 100%, but he failed it. So maybe a little more attention should be payed to his alibi and actions. Truely horrible. I'm not saying either had anything to do with it, I just hope they find who did this and maybe have a little closure. I swear ever since I had my 2 girls I feel more paranoid about anyone and anything. They are gonna hate me when they are teens.

Melissa Maynard Penrod

Since there is no proof either parent did anything I feel horrible for both of them at this point. I thought the mom acted bizarre but everyone handles grief differently and I am so thankful I have never been in her situation. One thing that strikes me as odd every time is how she mentions somebody didn't do the proper thing with his body and that makes them a monster. I would think murdering a child makes them a monster. How they disposed of the body is secondary. Like I said though,most of us haven't been in her shoes so we have no idea how we would act.

Zan Smith

I think what's really important and hasn't been well covered is the fact that Dylan's phone stopped pinging the nearest cell tower just after 9pm. His father claims they were the only two in the home, but in order for pings to stop the battery must be removed, or the phone physically broken. While Dylan's friends were texting him that night, and the next morning Dylan attempted use his Ipod to text at some point during the night, neither the phone or the ipod were found at the father's home where someone packed everything of Dylan's and removed the items from Mark's home apparently without Mark noticing that nothing of his son remained after "running errands". It seems Dylan died sometime during the night he flew into Durango, and his body was hidden before "errands were run". I suspect sometime between 9:30 and midnight Mark was driving in the dark to hide his son's body on a mountain where he could see the necro searchers looking for his son right from the comfort of his front porch.

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