Cirque du Soleil Accident Kills Young Mother of 2 in Front of a Terrified Audience

Cirque de SoleilA 31-year-old Cirque du Soleil performer and mother of two has fallen 50 feet to her death during the finale of a show called Ka at the Las Vegas MGM Grand. At first audience members thought Sarah "Sassoon" Guyard's fall was part of the show until they heard screaming, groaning, and someone sobbing. It's just such an unbelievably shocking tragedy.

Cirque du Soleil performances may seem death defying and dangerous when you see them. After all, acrobats twirling on ribbons high above your head, swinging around, and contorting their bodies with nothing but hands and a bit of wire holding them up SEEM to be performing shocking, death-tempting acts. But, in fact, the show has never had a death in its 30 years of existence. Until now.

It's hard to imagine what that audience must have felt and even more hard to imagine the comments some self righteous people have been making about the mother of two young children.

It has been suggested (in comments sections) that perhaps her job was too dangerous and that she was somehow at risk for this. That is just hogwash and such a judgmental (and wrong) thing to say. Do people blame firefighters or police officers killed in the line of duty who also happen to be parents?

The reality is she was performing a carefully choreographed routine that she probably had been performing for years. This was something she had trained for decades to do, and it's no more dangerous than anything else done by well-trained and practiced professionals.

This is a tragedy, plain and simple. If there is anyone to blame, let's blame those who didn't keep the wires safe enough. Some speculation is that her foot slipped out of the wire. That shouldn't have happened.

Freak accidents happen on any job. People fall into meat grinders or slip and hit their heads on factory floors. Just because Guyard's line of work was performing arts doesn't mean she was inviting this to happen.

This is a senseless, horrible tragedy and filling it with platitudes like "she died doing what she loved" won't help, either. She did die doing what she loved, but it could have (and should have) been prevented. My heart goes out to her family and I hope that people will remember them when making online comments and remember that this job is no more dangerous than many others people perform every day.

Do you think mothers should avoid "dangerous" jobs?


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astenken astenken

Seriously?!?!  Did you just equate a firefighter dying in the line of duty to an entertainer dying while performing?  Do you seriously think they are even equitable?  Saving people's lives and homes to entertaining people? Same diff?  People with small children shouldn't have jobs like this, because accidents do happen.  I feel very sorry for these kids.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

If any mother thinks this woman was wrong to do something so dangerous that no one has died on 30 years doing it.... I sure as hell hope they don't drive a car or ride as a passenger in a car to work because they are far more at risk than this woman was.

miche... micheledo

So sad.  

Though I think it is VERY premature to say this could have been prevented.  Humans make errors.  The wires could have been perfect.  Unless it broke.  But from what you said, it sounds like she slipped off.  

It is tragic and I am so sorry for her family.  It bothers me when people make judgements about how 'dangerous' a job is.  Sure, some are more dangerous then others.  And their our jobs I would not take because of the danger.  But there are some things I would do in spite of the danger of leaving my children motherless.  It is what is important to each individual.

And like you said, accidents happen with ANY job!

uccel... uccellino

I pray for her family and I thank her for entertaining us for so many years.

astenken astenken

Saying that driving a car is more dangerous than performing 50 feet in the air without any kind of safety device is LUDICROUS!  Maybe there hasn't been any fatal accidents in 30 years associated with Cirque du Soleil, thanks be to God, but that doesn't mean it is safer to do aerobatics than drive a car.  Ever take a statistics class?

Kings... KingsleysMommy

You can always depend on the "super-mom, judgemental, I-would-never-dream-of-doing-blahblahblah to be the first to comment. She was safer on that wire than in a car or (as the past few months have shown us) in a public place. We risk our lives everyday. So maybe she was not saving lives. That doesn't mean she deserves to be down-graded. And we wonder why our kids don't respect each other dead or alive. SMH. đŸ˜”

nonmember avatar kaerae

Complete freak accident. A mother in our town was killed a decade ago playing on a FREAKING MERRY-GO-ROUND with her kids. She stepped off while it was still moving very slowly, fell back on to it and one of the poles hit her neck at just the wrong angle. People criticizing this woman are insecure and cruel. This was a freak accident and nothing more.

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

First, I feel such sadness for her family. Such a young talent lost. BUT, lets not pretend that she wasn't in more danger than everyday people. Yeah, soaring 50 feet above the ground with no safety equipment is no more dangerous than driving a car. Right. Idiots.

nonmember avatar Kim

In my hometown a Toys R Us store manager was just stabbed to death prior to the store opening for the day. I wouldn't consider that a "dangerous job," but for him it was. Unfortunately there are risks in everything we do. Personally I wouldn't have such a "high-risk" job as being an arial performer having a child, but we can't fault her for trying to provide for her family.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Pretty sure judging others is becoming an Olympic sport...her family, her decisions.

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