12-Year-Old Shoots Younger Brother & Then Himself (VIDEO)

It seems like every other day we hear about a tragedy involving a child and a gun. This one is a double tragedy. A 12-year-old boy was reportedly found shot -- along with his 9-year-old brother. But this wasn't a case of someone murdering the two of them, which would have been terrible enough. Instead, police and the coroner say that 12-year-old Austin Wiseman shot his younger brother, then shot himself. Both were found dead in their grandparents' home. And now everyone is left asking, How? Why?

Austin and his younger brother, Blake Campbell, were reportedly found with one shot each to the head. They were found in an upstairs bedroom of the home they lived in with their grandparents, who weren't home at the time. Reportedly, however, they had spoken with the boys an hour before their deaths.

Police believe that Austin killed his younger brother and then turned the gun on himself. Was this a deliberate murder suicide? Was it an accident and then the child was overwhelmed and killed himself? Police fear they will never know. Apparently the boys had no mental health issues, but it's unclear why they were living with their grandparents. Where were their parents? Was the older boy suffering from emotional issues related to whatever happened that left him and his brother in the care of his grandparents? The grandparents were described by a friend as "very loving."

And then, how did he get a gun? A .44-caliber handgun was found at the scene. Why would a gun be accessible to two young kids? Or did the older boy get it out of a locked cabinet? Too many people who have guns do not practice gun safety. Children and guns should never be able to get at each other.

Unfortunately, this is one tragedy that not only could have been prevented -- but that might forever remain a haunting mystery.

What do you think happened?


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keelh... keelhaulrose

Irresponsible gun owners happened.

nonmember avatar Mof2

Maybe it was out of love that the older boy did this. The article doesn't say where the parents were/are. No one knows what's going on behind closed doors. Maybe they were unhappy, maybe the grandpa was not a nice man.. He may have been trying to "help" his brother and himself.

Keelhaulrose has it right though.. He never ever should have been able to get a gun.

mande... manderspanders

The answer is NOT that children should never have access to guns.  If a family is going to own guns, the children SHOULD BE TAUGHT HOW TO SAFELY HANDLE THEM and to understand how they work, why they are locked up, and when the child is allowed to handle them.  Education is the key to everything.

At any rate, a 12 year old boy is well old enough to understand the consequences of shooting a gun; so I'd think it was a deliberate murder-suicide.

victo... victoria1971

Irresponsible grandparents completely. They should be arrested. You don't leave a 12 yr old to watch his baby brother and you definitely don't show him where loaded guns are and not locked up. Now 2 innocent kids are dead.

Sirena Robinson

I live in Jackson, and those who don't know the story, need to keep their mouths shut. This is a horrible tragedy that has rocked this whole town. First off, the boys are half-brothers, and their parents are not in the picture. The investigation is ongoing, so more deatils may come out later. Right now, there are no details about how the boy got the gun, but let me tell you that 12 is more than old enough to get it out of a cabinet and load it.

Furthermore, victoria, you have no idea that the grandparents showed him where it was. Again, he's 12, not 2. It's fully possible that he took it from where it was safely put. And no one should DARE suggest this was a "mercy" killing. I agree with the post that says this was deliberate. At this age, it had to have been.

nonmember avatar Opinionated one

Seriously Sirena Robinson, shut up. Just shut up. You live in the same town! Oh wow you must be an expert on all things about this case then.. And everyone else in your town. You know nothing of the case either.

And them being "half brothers" is so damn irrelevant.

tuffy... tuffymama

The grandparents were only irresponsible with the gun if the kids didn't know how to PROPERLY use it and were not instructed in gun safety. So unless they shot the kids or were convicted felons disallowed from owning guns, the grandparents are guiltless here. I grew up with guns in the home and I was trained from a very early age how to fire and treat a weapon. I would never leave a normal 12 year old child home alone WITHOUT a gun.

Beth Summers

i live in jackson ohio and worked with the father of the 12 yr old my thoughts and prayers go out to my fellow co worker and his family

adopt... adoption2013

Who cares why he did it?   The gun should never have been where a child could get it.  Period.  Irresponsible assholes.  The grandparents should be charged.

Green... GreenEyesMom

I know my friends 12 year old knows exactly what a gun is but still at this age it could have been like she wrote, where maybe it was an accident and then the brother was overwhelmed. I don't know but I'm not gonna judge. Poor kids. Prayers to the family indeed.

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