Father Accused of Making Daughter 'Pay' for Fun By Letting Him Abuse Her

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child abuseA father arrested in Utah this week has been charged with a string of felonies for allegedly raping his now teenage daughter over a period of several years. Prosecutors say the man had a system where the girl "paid" for fun privileges like a day out with her friends by having sex with him. The 16-year-old girl admits it all happened, but she says she doesn't want her father arrested.

This little girl has allegedly spent years being abused by the very person who is supposed to protect her from this sort of abuse. And like so many victims, she defends her attacker.

It's a story that is as sad as it is disgusting.

It's a story that should remind us all that just because a child "forgives" sexual assault doesn't mean that the cops shouldn't step in and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Kids can't consent to sexual acts. They can't excuse them away either.

Cops say the girl (whose name is being kept private to protect her) told them that she didn't want her father arrested because it would "tear her family apart," despite abuse that dates back to when she was just 9 years old and allegedly occurred as much as three or four times a week.

It's a typical response for the victim of sexual abuse, but the familial relationship here makes things that much more complicated.

This isn't just any old attacker. It's her father. Sending him to prison means her whole family is -- as she said -- torn apart. Her mom no longer has a husband. Her siblings no longer have a father.

This is one of the most troubling pieces of incestuous assault cases. Sexual assault victims already tend to keep quiet because of fear and shame, but in cases of incest by a parent, the perpetrator has extra means to keep their victim quiet. They are the authority figure in that child's life, and the child is already accustomed to following their orders. What's more, telling can have far-reaching consequences. If it's a father, for example, and Daddy goes to prison, there goes Daddy's income.

It can be hard for those of us who have never gone through an assault to understand how they continue for years, but this is exactly how it happens. And that's exactly why, no matter what a victim says, they deserve justice.

What do you make of this girl's plea for her dad?


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redK8... redK8blueSt8

That poor girl is going to need years of therapy.

And her mom, where was she I wonder :-/

keelh... keelhaulrose

That poor girl has been around this so long it's normal to her. She's probably been threatened, too. He should never be allowed near her again.

I hate to take her feelings out of consideration, but he's a danger. When she's old enough to not pique his interest anymore he's going to find a new victim. He needs to be taken away.

doodledo doodledo

The girl is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. And she has no inkling of what normal parental love is and I hope she is receiving the therapy she needs. As for her mother...I find it hard to believe she was completely unaware of the madness within her home. Often times these women will willfully ignore what is happening and in my mind the mother shares some of the blame. Good mothers protect their children. This child did not have a good mother and a monster for a father.

I hope the father sees the inside of a cell for several decades or better yet...for life. When will we as a society do the right thing and lock these monsters away forever?

B1Bomber B1Bomber

That person is not a dad. Dads are good men who love and protect their families.

Cari Poissant

Sick Pig!! I hope this girl gets therapy especially before having any children of her own. This "dad" needs to rot in prison and have the same treatment he given to him!!!

nonmember avatar Phoenix

If her other siblings no longer have this "daddy," good. Good. If a woman no longer has this monster as a "husband," good. What kind of witch would want to keep a man who raped her daughter, or any child?

jalaz77 jalaz77

Makes me sad...

Nelli... NellieAthome

doodledo - it is very easy for abuse to go undetected. The man next door abused his niece from age 9 until she reported him at age 15. NONE of us suspected anything except a loving uncle. Tell me this - do you know everything your spouse does 100% o the time? i seriously doubt it

Phoenix - no one said the woman wanted to keep her husband. Yet the fact remains that incest destroys entire families, not just the abuse victim. When dad goes to prison it is worse for the family than divorce where dad can still pay child support. This woman is possibly facing helping her abused daughter while losing the vast majority of the family income, possibly their home and maybe even having her  kids taken away because she is homeless and broke.  The entire family is this pervert's victim and deserves support and empathy, not condemnation


nonmember avatar tyra

This girl does need serious therapy probably for the rest of her life. I agree with doodledo they do need to lock these monsters up forever and it sickens me that most of em only get a couple of yrs then put back on the streets to do it again. If this mother did know what was happening to her daughter she should be charged as well. If something isnt done then he could start doing this to his other daughters (if he has more than the one) or his other kids friends. Utah is more leniant against these sickos and Im disgusted by it. If this were my child I wouldnt have thought twice about taking matters into my own hands cause God knows the courts wont give this girl the justice she really deserves.

nonmember avatar msluzero

very well stated Nellieathome, it will break the family im so many ways

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