Woman Accidentally Pocket Dials Friend While She's Being Murdered & the Whole Thing Is Recorded

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police lightsJason Bohn is about to undergo a trial for the 2012 murder of his girlfriend, Danielle Thomas. And to be quite honest with you, it doesn't really sound like he stands much of a chance. See, there's reportedly a key piece of evidence in this horrific homicide case -- in the form of an audio recording. Apparently, while Bohn was allegedly choking Thomas, and Thomas was pleading for her life, she accidentally dialed a friend. And the entire murder is caught on voicemail.

How about checking your messages and hearing that?

In the recording, Bohn reportedly asks his girlfriend 20 times why she called the number "508". Thomas repeatedly says, "I don't know ... I love you, Jason," but the strangling and questioning allegedly continues. "You have five seconds and then I'm going to kill you," Bohn is heard saying. "I'm going to let you up and then you need to answer quickly or else you die. Danielle, why did you call that number?" He continues: "Danielle you are so stupid. You think I'm going to stop, I won't stop."

Bohn has been charged with first-degree murder and faces 25 years in prison, if convicted. And, to be completely forthcoming here, I really don't see how he won't be convicted with evidence like this. 

Although it's unfortunate that a friend had to be on the receiving end of this terrifying, traumatizing voicemail, thank god this weird accident occurred. There really is no arguing with a voicemail that supposedly captures the entire murder on tape. Now hopefully, justice will be served.

What do you think of this?

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Only 25 yrs in prison? Wow. Glad they got this all on recording, I feel awful for the person who had to hear this but feel worse for the victim.

jrphelps jrphelps

The REAL article says life in prison & that's exactly what he should get


Just read the full low down on this story.This guy is a major league fuck head.Typical attorney, blame everything on a poor upbringing,alcohol and drugs.Too bad New York got rid of the death penalty because this shit richly deserves it.


OMG....I feel so sorry for the friend that heard this message!  Its bad enough to loose a friend over some BS but to hear the incident is even worse.  My heart does go out to the victim and her family because of this tragedy and I hope he gets the max sentence this state can issue for such a horrible crime.

hexxuss hexxuss

I just read the other article on it... this low life piece of scum refuses to take 100% responsibility for ANY of it - blaming everything but himself... I say ship him to another state or let her family lynch his ass - "Hang him High!!"  Seriously - I would not only condone the death penalty for this waste of oxygen, but I'd support a slow painful one, like what she got.

okgra... okgrandma13

25 years, the victim got no life.  What is wrong with the justice system, that a person gets off with hardly any punishment for killing someone.  I don't get it. Anyone who committs murder should "DIE", as soon as he is found guilty.  Enough of this crap, where we have to care for the but holes.

Sherri Easter

I truly believe he needs to face "HARD PUNISHMENT" your right there is no way he stands a chance....I feel sorry for the other person on the other end of the phone! He doesn't deserve his life...If the judge or Grand jury goes the other way with this, There is something truly wrong and mental with them...Keep getting the juries and judge till they can get him guilty

Stella Wiggins

I am upset that he will only get 25 years  I thought that for  first degree murder you get life without parole  he will come out and do this again to another poor soul

nonmember avatar Krystal

It was actually the killer (Jason's phone) the pocketdialed someone. I always double check the stories I read on here because most of them aren't completely accurate. That's beside the point..I know if I was the friend that found that voicemail I would freak out. I think that man deserves everything he has coming to him.

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