Remains of Missing 13-Year-Old Dylan Redwine Found 10 Miles From Where He Was Last Seen

Dylan RedwineAt last Dylan Redwine's parents have an answer -- the 13-year-old's remains were found today, according to the La Planta County Sheriff's office. It's the most heart-wrenching answer a parent can get, but after months of wondering and hoping since his disappearance last November at least they know now.

The case was wrought with questions from the beginning as Dylan disappeared while visiting his father, Mark Redwine, in his Vallecito, Colorado home. He typically lived with his mother, Elaine Redwine, in Colorado Springs after his parents divorced in 2007.

Mark left Dylan home while he went out to run some errands on the morning of November 19, and when he returned, the boy was gone ... never to be seen again until today when his body was found, about 10 miles from Mark's home.

Since his disappearance, the already contentious relationship between Mark and Elaine has gotten even worse. Both have blamed each other for the boy's disappearance (though neither has been named a suspect), but now they must bury him together. Mark told the paper:

I am reaching out to his mom so he can have a proper burial. Making sure he gets a proper burial and the respect he deserves is what I have to focus on,

Now that the big question has been so sadly answered, the others must be answered as well: Who would harm this beautiful, innocent boy, and why? Police say they are investigating it as a criminal matter, not an accident. There's no good answer obviously, but in these cases, I always hope that it's not a parent, because I can't imagine anything worse than a person taking the life of someone to whom they gave that life. Unfortunately, all too often it is.

In any case, this family deserves to know what happened. Whoever did it deserves to pay the price.  R.I.P., Dylan.

What do you think could have happened in this case?


Image via National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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Heath... HeatherMazzone

That little boy looks so much like my little brother. It is so sad. I feel so bad for his family.

nonmember avatar barofsoap

what do i think happened in this case? if one were to analyze the statements made by the father since Dylan's "disappearance", one would clearly want to start by questioning him. i'm actually optimistic that the police will resolve any questions in this case.

bills... billsfan1104

awwwww.   this breaks my heart so much.  Many prayers for this family

IHear... IHeartCake

This article doesn't include details, but I am sure the police know who's responsible and pray they will be able to prove it.  My heartfelt condolences to the innocent relatives..  It's so sad.

Irela... Ireland69

May he rest in peace and give peace to the parents and family.  We don' t know what happened but I'm sure if it was murder the person will pay for it.  God has another angel in heaven with him!


Jennifer Miller

Heart breaking i pray the family can heal from such a loss. Who in the world could harm a child ,this make's me sick to think people can be so cruel,hateful, and mentally sick. 

Tarot Tarot

How does Julie expect us to have an opinion on what may have happened when no actual details are provided?

Nicole Lynn Riley

i seen this on Dr Phil i think it was his dad that did this cause he clearly did not want his mom to have him and he refused to take a polygraph test 2x and was acting suspicious the whole show

seglenda seglenda

watching this case on Dr. Phil, the father is as guilty as guilty can be, he didn't even try to look for his missing child, didn't attend any of the gatherings, and seeing that he had threating the mother seveal times and a history of violence, I hope they get him......There is nothing about his story to make the slightest since..

Cindy Kilburn

so sorry for your lose i hope they find the dirtbag that did this r.i.p son

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