Gutsy Guy Gets Bon Jovi to Help Him With Rockin' Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

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proposal bon jovi concertWhat may be even cooler than getting a crowd of your closest friends to learn a choreographed dance and/or song routine so you can pop the question to your beloved? Going to a Bon Jovi concert and making a song request that -- fingers crossed -- leads to the proposal. That's what one guy in Gdansk, Poland did last week, and I'm guessing his fiancee (of course she said yes!) will never forget it.

Mid-concert, Jon Bon Jovi told the audience to check out the video screen, on which the brave audience member was holding up a sign that read, "I got a ring in my pocket, I brought our families. If you sing 'Never Say Goodbye' then I'll ask her to marry me." Ha! And what do you think Jon did?  

He gladly played the tune for the guy, of course! And eeesh, thank goodness he did! Can you imagine if he had been left hanging? Aaaawkward.

Check out the exciting, heart-soaring, rockin' proposal ...

Now, that took a lot of guts! I so admire this guy for going out a limb like that! Not to mention that now the two a.) have a kick-ass story about how they got engaged (which is now international news!) and c.) have a built-in first dance song at their wedding! Maybe they can even get Bon Jovi to come play it live?! Who knows. Either way, this is one proposal I would file under all-around win.

How sweet is this?! Would you have loved a gutsy proposal like this?

Image via 666packe/YouTube



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nonmember avatar LCC

Big time awesome! Back in the 80's, I thought I was too cool for school to like Bon Jovi, but he has won my heart over the years with his decency, and his respect for his wife and for humanity overall. Yay Bon Jovi!

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

I secretly LOVE BonJovi!! lol I'll be at home cleaning and my headphones would be blasting with 80s rock soon as Bon Jovi or Journey come on all screams lol not even singin i get the weirdest looks from my husband and my son LOL

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I saw Bon Jovi at slane castle about two weeks ago, and it was just incredible. I've loved the band since I was a kid, delighted i was able to see them again! He's so gorgeous, and seems like a really good guy.

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