Missing Toddler Elaina Steinfurth's Case Feels Like Caylee Anthony All Over Again

missing girl Elaina SteinfurthThe longer Elaina Steinfurth, the missing Ohio toddler who disappeared earlier this month, is gone, the more shades of Caylee Anthony that begin to appear. Like Casey Anthony, this missing girl's mom seems to have something to hide. And while Elaina's mother, Angela Mories Steinfurth, is in jail, in fact was denied bond at a hearing this very week, she's not facing charges related to the little girl's disappearance.

She is accused of obstructing justice and child endangerment. That latter charge? That's for not taking little Elaina to the hospital when she was hurt, not for not watching her when she disappeared.

Will there be justice for Elaina? Is this going to be like Caylee, whose death goes unavenged to this day?

I know, I know it's early. The cops are doing all they can here, and we can't rush them. I'm sure they are just as frustrated by the lack of answers and movement on the case as all us rubberneckers.

Law enforcement who work missing child and child murder cases don't have it easy.

We don't know if Angela Mories Steinfurth was responsible for the disappearance of her daughter. Heck, we don't know what REALLY happened to Elaina.

Maybe her mom played a role. Maybe it was her mom's boyfriend, Steven King, who has been implicated in some reports.

Or maybe it was someone else.

But it's a feeling that can't be shaken, that this little girl's story has too many markers like that of Caylee Anthony, that little kids don't always get the justice they deserve in this country ... much as we'd like to think that we put kids first.

The fact remains that the only charges in the Elaina Steinfurth case aren't related to the girl's disappearance. Whoever did this, whoever made a child disappear with no trace nearly a month ago, has yet to face any sort of charge for it.

And the child is still missing! We don't have a body (think goodness), but we also don't have a child back home, safe and sound.

What we do have is a mom with some seriously fishy answers about what happened to her child, and charges against her that don't come close to equalling justice for a child.

Do you see shades of Caylee Anthony in the Steinfurth case or is it just too early to say?


Image via police

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SRTmo... SRTmom6127

I hope that Elaina is found unscathed. However with that being said, if she is not, the only positive thing for her justice is that she is missing from Ohio and not Flori-Duh. 

Julie Dalton-Stone

I hope she is found safe and very soon...Whoever has done this to this innocent angel, I hope your concious gets to you and you start talking sooner rather than later so that if she is still alive, she will be home (even if to relatives) very soon. God bless you, baby girl.

Renee Johnson

Making a child murder a CELEBERITY such as the CASEY ANTHONY TRIAL, has rubbed off on ANGELA STEINFURTH. I think Angela knows just what to do and how long to wait, to be set FREE. When are citizens, mothers and father going to speak out. Demand Prosecution and Execution of these murders. Demand that the Federal Government, overhaul DCFS, Dept. of Children and Family Services.

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