Couple's Wedding Ceremony Turns Into Flash Mob After They're Pronounced Husband & Wife (VIDEO)

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bride groom flash mobI wonder if 10, 20, 30+ years from now, we're going to look back at all of these wedding proposal and ceremony flash mobs the same way we now look back on embarrassing fads like the Tamagotchi, hacky sack, pet rocks, the Macarena, the Hustle? I feel like it's almost a guarantee!

Still, that isn't stopping lots of soon-to-be-weds and newlyweds from busting out their best moves along with a crowd of their nearest and dearest. Take English couple Gary and Tracy Richardson for example. They plotted with their officiant Kate Bottley to get everyone in St. Mary's and St. Martin's Church grooving to "Everybody Dance Now" and "Celebration" immediately following their first kiss as husband and wife. It sounds hokey, I know, but it actually turned out to be genuinely adorable.

Check it out ...

As a recent bride, I have to wonder why my husband and I didn't think of this! Then again, it's not as easy as it looks. The couple rehearsed the dance routine along with 28 friends and family members in the weeks leading up to the ceremony. But it certainly paid off. Tracy said:

Now we see how well it worked and how the ­congregation got ­involved, we were obviously right. We’ve been watching it and laughing so much. There’s a tall guy at the back from work who is in IT called Big Dave and it takes him a lot to get going, but even he starts to move.

Ha, so cute. What a way to set the tone for the rest of your Big Day -- and geeze, your entire marriage!

Do you wish you had done/could do something like this at your wedding or do you think flash mobs are overplayed?

Image via Gary Richardson/YouTube



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bella... bellacazzate

Sing it with me: Everybody's working for the... youtube. 

Mary Breitrick

this is dumb...theres no respect for marriage anymore


Stephanie Dunham-Wehrwein

That's really a great idea!!! I love the official's face while she was bustin a groove

Lorissa Delahanty-Belsches

Mary... You have no sense of humor or FUN.

This is great! Yeah its obviously unorthodox but its a great way to do this! At least no one was bored! A lot of people that get invited to weddings don't even look forward to the actual ceremony. Everyone knows the best part is the reception. There's booze and free food! At least her guests enjoyed BOTH!

This was great! If I wasn't such a scaredy cat, i'd do something similar like that when the hubby and I renew our vows in 7 years. :D 

Jennifer Lester

It's a wedding...not a "marriage". The vows are what's important, not how you choose to celebrate it. 

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being outwardly joyful on such a special day. Good for them.

Shelley Hardman Allen

DId you see the elderly ladies walk out? I think they were very upset by their faces. I think I would too if I were them. Sacrilegious, disrespectful, and blatant mockery of the institution of marriage, and even the church is maybe only a few of the things going through their minds. I don't disagree with them at all. :) It was a cute idea, but should have been done at the reception or possibly out side on the steps, but not inside where communion and prayers take place.

Angie Markley

I flippen love this have a great great time at your wedding its for you and no one else do what ever it is that makes your day even better, and if that means dancing and hearing a lot of laughter then I say do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristol Green

i am getting married in september and this would be really cool if all my family would cooperate but i am sure they are not going to lol

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