Cellphone Addict Mom Goes Nuts on Airplane While Her Toddler Watches (VIDEO)

Not a day goes by that we don't hear about some airplane craziness -- you couldn't pay me enough to be an airline steward. That said, the latest wingnut to have her plane wings taken away was a 21-year-old mother who was confronted by TSA agents after she refused to put her cellphone away. Instead of apologizing and complying like most of us would, she decided she wanted to spend the night in jail. So she began screaming and cursing -- all in front of her toddler son. Yeah, in this case, it wasn't the baby you didn't want to be sitting next to -- it was the mom!

After Lindsay Capri Bien-Aime reportedly refused to put away her cellphone (your texting was that important? really?!), TSA agents threatened to remove her from the plane if she didn't listen to them.

But she just starts mouthing off, having a meltdown, and cursing like a sailor on the high seas. She even apparently bit one of the agents. When will people learn this doesn't work with law enforcement?! Not only that, she did it all in front of her young son, who was probably on his first plane ride. Way to go, mom. Your kid will be scared to fly forever now.

But worse, she's teaching her kid not to listen to anyone; to do exactly what he feels like he wants to do in this life, even if the law is saying otherwise; and when confronted to act like a royal brat.

This mom will probably be surprised when her son grows up to be Grade-A trouble.

Check out how mom teaches her kid to act around authority figures:

Do you think this mom set a bad example?


Image via Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept.

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katyq katyq

My heart breaks for that poor child :(


LostS... LostSoul88

That poor child, I am so sick of seeing people become parents who shouldnt be around children. 

MamaT... MamaTo2b2g

Low life, low class, scum, piece of trash.

nonmember avatar Me

Does anyone else see the irony of watching a video of a woman being kicked off a plane because she wouldn't put away her phone, shot by someone on their phone?

Sierr... SierraLynn

I was about to say the same thing about watching the whole thing recorded on a cell phone... Oh the irony.

But that was crazy. All she had to do was simply follow directions. Poor little boy.

Sarah... SarahHall58

At that point the plane is grounded they can be on their phones but if they're ready for push back they have to be off. You can't text once the plane is in the air anyway. I don't understand these crazy people. There are rules on an airplane for a reason.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

I first read this article on my iPod. The ad that popped up on the bottom of the screen?

'Phone without a plan? GO TELUS'

Talk about perfect ad placement, lol

Kings... KingsleysMommy

Typical, low life, trash. No surprise there. When you allow the masses to do whatever they want on the ground, why would you think it would be any different in the air? Poor little guy probably sees similar treatment of people in customer service position everyday. The ignorant raising more ignorance. SMH. 😔

nonmember avatar Mindy

You can text from a plane in mid air. I have done it. I have also been on the internet from mid air as well. And I have been asked to turn off my phone before take off. I just say OK hit the side button screen shuts off when they walk away hit the button again. Infact I texted my husband as we were taking off. Nothing happened to the plane. I don't agree with what the mother did. You can't be irate on a plane. Just be suttle about it if you are going to break the rules.

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