Should Baby Bottles be Banned? A Moms Matter Hangout (VIDEO)

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During this week's Moms Matter Google Hangout, some of your favorite writers from The Stir are discussing a recent post that got a lot of you out there talking— It’s about a proposed ban on baby bottles and formula in Venezuela.

Legislators are discussing a bill that would ban women from feeding infants formula unless the mother dies or has low breast milk production.

You all had some strong opinions on the topic-- and so did we.

Check it out:

Most women agree that imposing a ban on bottles and formula isn't the way to go when it comes to encouraging mothers to breastfeed.

But this topic led us to talk about the attitudes moms hold about breastfeeding right here in the United States. It has become a hot button issue among mothers, to the point that all of us admitted to feeling pressured to breastfeed by friends and even by doctors, and judged when we weren't doing it "the right way" according to critics-- or especially when we weren't doing it at all.

Breastfeeding is such a personal decision and there are many reasons why a woman might have to choose not to do it- or why she might not be able to do it at all. I regret that we've gotten to the point as a society where many of us feel it's okay to harshly judge women who aren't breastfeeding their babies.

I also think it's interesting that many of the moms judging today were bottlefed when they were babies- In the seventies and early eighties, that's what most moms did- and we all seemed to turn out okay!

What do you think about our discussion? Do you think the pressure to breastfeed is just too much? Or is that just what it takes to make sure as many babies are breastfed as possible?

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Sarah... SarahHall58

Maybe some people just don't want to breast feed. Why is that never mentioned? It's always "they can't" no maybe they don't want to and that's absolutely fine.

nonmember avatar guest

So, who decides what mothers can/cannot produce enough milk? What if some dr's refuse to understand the situation or continue to tell the women "to try", even though it is obvious breastfeeding will not work? (I had this experience while in the hospital with the lactation nurse) Will babies suffer from someone elses ignorance?

Nancy... NancyJ422

My God - why don't all the Perfect People just stone the mothers who can't or choose not to Breast feed their babies and then hand them off to wet nurses for cryin out loud.  Why is it ANYONE'S business how the baby gets nutrition?

i was bottle fed in 1960 along with my twin because my mother had to go back in the hospital a few weeks after we were born and we were pretty darn healthy. .  I bottle fed my son in 1990 because we just couldn't get the hang of it and I had no support - from family OR the lactation counselor at the hospital when I called her. He's 23 and incredibly healthy. 

No one ever bothered me or made comments about bottle feeding - I might have smacked them if they did. 

lizilli lizilli

As a woman who breastfeed three children for at least one year each, I can't get behind forcing women to do this.  If this won't work for you or your life, then who are we to judge.  It is not possible to legislate maternity, on any level.  Government needs to get out of women's business, we generally know what we are doing and why...

Marga23 Marga23

The Venezuelan government is just looking to avoid the cost of importing formula so they try to spin it as a movement to encourage mother-bonding. This law is ridiculous but given the way stuff is down there it'll likely pass at some point.

A Venezuelan.

japan... japanmommy

Woman's body = her choice. She can choose to breast or bottle feed, with no pressure to do either. I hate the pressure I got to formula feed and I hated my friend being judged for not breast feeding.

Also, how will this affect working moms who pump? Or moms who need a break? My husband gave a bottle of pumped milk to our son every night so I could get 6 hours of sleep. And even a few times for a sitter. I still breast fed for two years but I needed bottles.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Exactly japanmommy! I work, so how does my baby get all that hard work pumped breast milk after my leave?! I have said this in the past, if all mothers stayed home after having kids them yea BFing would be easier but the economy would go to shit!! There are so many working moms out there, bottles will never be banned here that's for sure. Country's that don't have much can get by with that until babies die from failure to thrive.

luvprue1 luvprue1

I think it's ridiculous to even be discussing it. What right do they have to tell me how to feed my baby? I think there should always be a option. Not every mother chose to breast feed. There are a lot of working mothers who doesn't have the time to breast feed their child,and it's not like you can bring your baby to work.

Lilly... Lillysmommy0113

I couldnt BF! She wouldnt latch and was almost sent to a childrens hospital because she wasnt eating. I couldnt pump because no milk would come out. I tried for hours!! So i had to use formula. So what if i didnt have formula? My daughter wouldnt be in my arms right now, so thats just a load of crap!!

nonmember avatar Barbara

Be glad the babies are getting nourishment. Period.

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