Paula Deen’s Insane Apology for Racist Remarks Is Totally Unacceptable (VIDEO)

paula deenWhen the National Enquirer published a story about Paula Deen's alleged sexual and racial discrimination, many of the southern belle's fans didn't want to believe that their favorite Mama bear cook could have said such horrible things. Well, unfortunately, it turns out there is some truth to the claims. Paula Deen canceled her appearance on the Today Show amidst the drama, and has also issued a video statement in which she apologizes for her behavoir.

Only problem is, the "apology" isn't really an apology at all.

First of all, she doesn't even say what she's apologizing for. Second of all, there's a cut after every sentence. Third of all, it seems like she almost busts out laughing around 0:42. What the hell is this??

TMZ reports that her publicists made her do it, and well, yeah, that's pretty obvious. There's nothing about the apology that seems heartfelt or even slightly remorseful. In fact, it almost seems like a big joke.

And the awkward edits ... what, she couldn't memorize "I'm sorry, please forgive me"? Why did they have to cut away after each line? I'm thinking it was because a P.R. team tricked her. Paula probably thought she was apologizing to her makeup artist for throwing a hissy fit after seeing the massive amount of hot pink blush that was used. 

Obviously, Paula's only dug herself deeper with this disaster -- pretty sure no one accepts this apology. It'll be interesting to see if she issues an apology for her apology.

Lord knows butter can't solve this problem.

What do you think of Paula Deen's apology?


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momofcfk momofcfk

She is a disgrace!!

zandh... zandhmom2

I don't even know what she has to apologize for...last I check we have something called the freedom of speech.  She can say what ever the hell she wants to say.

2boys... 2boysmama311

Wait a minute, so in a deposition for a case where she is being sued, she was honest and admitted that years ago she used the N word and now she is a racist? 

I am not a huge Paula Deen fan, but for goodness sakes she could have said no I have never used that word and people would have been outraged. All of us, right or wrong, have used a racial slur at some point in our lives. Whether it be quoting someone, singing a song that has that word in it, retelling a bad joke, when we were young and heard it somewhere before knowing what it really means, or even in a terrible manner. If one of the last times she used that word was after having a gun pointed to her head in 1986 and since then, by all accounts as far as I can tell, she has been a respectable hard working person that has no other history of being racist, refusing to work with or hire people of any other race or nationality who are we to decide for her that she must be a racist? 

bleed... bleedingheart8D

She got caught and got fired. No pity here. 

nonmember avatar guest

I think this whole story is utterly ridiculous! So, she admits to using the "n" word. Last time I listened to rap music, I heard the "n" word dozens of times - looks to me like BET needs to stop playing certain "artists" music videos. This is such a double standard that it is an outrage.

Coles... Coles_mom

I agree with zandhmom and 2boysmama...this is just not news or a big deal. I posted a few minutes ago on another stir article about the same thing. I watched her for her recipes. I don't frankly care what she believes. 

mande... manderspanders

Well, in Liberal-Elitist-Lala-Land, everyone is a RACIST!

Shit, I'm sure I'm labeled a racist just because I'm white.

I don't give a crap about what Paula Deen said about whoever for whatever reason. I'm tired of the politically correct public apology that is utterly meaningless.  I don't even know the story and I don't believe she has anything to apologize for.

nonmember avatar Lizzie Borden

Manderspanders, you're not're an idiot! With a ridicilous outlook like that i can imagine many people want to be around you. You're white so you're labeled a racist? Since when was that a legitimate viewpoint? Omg that means I live with a racist, my white husband must be a closeted racist!

Lol manderspanders it doesn't matter if you're racist or not, you are a complete moron either way.

funmo... funmommy123

Some of the responses on here made me roll my eyes.....

Happy... Happydad73

So its ok for every rapper under the sun to use this term, but as soon as PD admits it she loses her contract? How many people have refered to white people as crackers? A prominent Illinois politician did it a couple of weeks ago, but that is ok because he wasn't white so he couldnt possibly be racist. Bunch of hypocrits.

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